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POSTED ON July 12,2021

Worried about my girls.

Good morning Gents,   I have spent the last three days Perusing through this wonderful website and learning a great deal about taking care of our synthetic women. Sadly, I have also read more than a few horror stories in regard to suspending our synthetic lovers using the neck bolt for either storage or dressing. Apparently this either weakens over time or certain manufactures use cheap plastic in that area, which makes no sense to me as this is a high-stress area. My question is this, I purchased Faith in 2018, she is a Wm 148cm, Grace is a 6YE 161cm and my latest girl is the 171cm Wm Kacey (I named Joy) with the wasp waist. All three have metal skeletons and the standing feet option, should I just stand them rather than using the suspension option to avoid possibly weakening the neck area? Many thanks any and all advice. And a shout out to Rgc_lulu from the Dollsbook for telling me about this wonderful website. sex dolls for men Designed with a primary sex function in mind, female silicone and TPE sex dolls offer a true to life experience to any woman that is sexually attracted to the ladies. Just like men, women can enjoy a genuine alternative girlfriend experience with an artificial intelligent sex doll robot that also happens to stimulate and satisfy them sexually.

Any way you look at it, the sex doll has forever gained a place in the sex toy industry. If other sex-themed products (like porn websites) are still very popular, then there’s no reason why the sex dolls can’t make a mark in the market too. One can think of having a sex doll as a way to practice your sexual game. Repetition is the mother of skill, as the saying goes. If your skill in the bedroom doesn’t improve with sex dolls, then nothing else will. lifelike Sex Dolls Seasonal depression (SAD) is a form of depression that strikes at a specific time of the year, usually in winter when there is less sunlight. It changes with the seasons and shows signs of a bad mood and lack of energy. The phototherapy treatment sometimes includes SAD (phototherapy).

Another yet great water-based lube. This particular one can be used for right about every sexual activity you want; anal, vaginal, dolls, or masturbation. It feels smooth and natural on the skin and will get you very pleasurable sexual experiences. silicone sex doll human sexual life is not only the completion of biological reproduction, and through the feelings between the sexes and sexual love, Enrich and beautify the content of human life, so that the relationship between the sublime in a spiritual enjoyment and artistic enjoyment. Both the young and the elderly, embrace each other in the process of contact or sexual contact, experience the beauty of fairy and sweet, kind, good feelings at the same time, the strong sex hormone secretion, acceleration of blood flow, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, muscle, nerve impulse transmission will be big change in this particular environment to enjoy the wonderful human art, the experience of animation, wonderful, amazing enjoy the pleasant conjugal love of husband and wife, between the person and the true, the good and the beautiful high level of artistic feeling. Sex therapists have the image of a perfect analogy with the sexual life to enjoy a beautiful, exciting, relaxed and happy symphonic music, the world would participate actively in the couple, practice together, discuss together conclude , create together, play harmoniously two people feel relaxed and happy sexual movement.

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Dutch sailor, was carrying a love doll of women of cotton in the voyage of the 17th century. They are in French "DameDeVoyage", but was called "Dama De Vinje" in Spanish, to have been popular for thousands of years, why there is a stigma of this sex doll.

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The doll is only the weight and volume of a dress, very compact and practical, easy to hide, the position of the lower body (vagina) is also correct. Friends as long as they buy a good quality and safety of the lower body, it is always good to use.

In Japan, have been love doll sold every year 1,000 to 3,000. By the way, please do not say "sold" to the owner. We do not buy them, we will "marry" them. Everything is done to give them the appearance of life. This is a product of "niche", but still love doll is, for Agnes Giardini de, a researcher is an anthropologist of France, we have an overview of the Japanese society as a whole of the contour. It allows you to understand eroticism, couples, and the Japanese vision of excessively restricted society. However, this phenomenon is now also have an impact on the west side.

The Pipedream PDX range has been developed using top of the range materials and technology and designed to appeal to men who love men.