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POSTED ON July 13,2021

Nia - 4 Woods Air Bubble?

Nia is a 4 Woods Allure AIdoll. She has a girl issue in her chest. girl not quite sure if this is delamination or separation or what. It feels like a bubble and the air does travel around when I press on the bubble.Two of my RDs get “bubbles” from time to time and these aren’t a big deal to manage. I don’t get overly alarmed by these since they are very simple to fix (poke/work/patch method), but Nia’s problem is extensive, getting worse, and the location is concerning.I have been going over Gramps’ post here: ourdollcommunity/forum/index.php?topic=4939.0girl thinking I begin by following the same investigative steps outlined there, but wanted to check in to see if there is anything special or unique to be aware of with a 4 Woods. Any info and guidance would be really helpful and appreciated. girl not even sure what I’ll find under the silicone (feels like foam) and around/inside the actual breasts (for those of you who haven’t felt up a 4Woods, they seem to be really unique in whatever material they use in the breasts – IMO).Here’s some normal pics for reference (no bubbling).The bubbling is a bit hard to see, but here are some pics from the start of the bubble. When sitting upright, the bubble/separation simply gives her breasts a more natural “lay.” I actually really like this look and I did leave her in that position for a few weeks without making a huge extra effort to check out what was really happening (no play, but some pics). Here you can see how the separation is creating a "droop" to the bust line.At first, it seemed the bubble was just a separation from the lower layer about an inch in depth (pushing down through the bubble) in a 1" area (approximately) and semi-triangular in shape. Then it started looking worse (below).These are pics of her laying down and the bubbling is now much more of a concern. I can feel the bubble is much more extensive than I first thought or at least has gotten a lot worse from the time I first noticed the problem. Gravity is now pulling outward (to the sides) on the boobs and causing the bubble to become more apparent.Now, it feels like a much larger area and the depth is maybe 2”. Here is the top view of the droop now.Also, you can see here (perhaps) that if Nia pushes her boobies together, the bubble now travels upwards toward her clavicles. Not cool!So, Nia is now resting with a support bra while I try to figure out the least invasive way to address this issue. Advice, anyone? Thanks! sex dolls for men Chatroulette is the best way to make the people and virtual sex do not know. The site, a user in the video chat session and connect to the stranger and random from every corner of the Earth. In the video chat session, you can end at any time either side. This is, in theory, while completely hiding their identity, means that you can be a stranger and sex.

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