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POSTED ON July 15,2021

Thigh seperation/tear in Sinthetic

Hi all,Long time no speak. I was wondering if anyone can give me some repair advice. I hope that's ok after all this time. I would contact Sinthetics but this is rather urgent as my doll is currently on my bed and I'm not sure I should move her until a repair is performed.I have been aware of a hallow/cavity in this spot from the time Muzza posted about his issue but after the struggle he went through I haven't attempted to do anything about it. It was suggested that his 'on top' activities caused this and while I had only engaged in said activities for maybe a couple of weeks I stopped doing that and was careful with the positions she was put in after that point . She had actually been sitting on her stand for most of the last year and I only put her in my bed a few days ago when last night I noticed a nasty tear . I'm not even sure if it happened on the stand or from her laying on my bed. No 'activity' except positioning her occurred prior to noticing this tear. There is a substantial cavity under the tear and depending on the position of the leg it opens and closes substantially. I have a bit of an idea what to do with this repair but I am concerned next time the legs are moved it will open up again. I'm concerned that as the silicon used in the repairs is harder then the existing stuff any new tears will make an even bigger mess of the area . Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this? I'm guessing the legs will need to be in the 'poured' position so the tear actually closes up? Is it worth trying to move her for the repair? Here are some pictures.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks sex dolls for men Chesurin Schulze, a former Love Island contestants, look at the story of the in-Star grams, was showing off Cedric the new "husband". Cedric, after bored during the blockade, we decided to keep the company.

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furry sex doll made of bones

This is a question that many people have mentioned. You must consider the following factors:

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