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POSTED ON July 16,2021

Lisa's second hip operation/replacement

This is the second hip-joint replacement on Lisa.  The first was about six months ago and it was the right side, this is the left.  Progress so far is of the initial opening along the outside of her hip and thigh excavating into the pelvic area to remove the pelvis mounted portion of the joint (a real time consuming bitch of a task), the rest is easy.So I will try to remember how to download the pix off my digital camera.  I don't do this very often so bare with me.GPI'll post more on a subsequent msg.  BTW, Lisa's only about three y/o  This top pix against the blue is of the failed portion of the leaf hinge where leg spread travel is accomplished.  This is the weakest part.  The two cams at foreground sheared where they are glued and friction fit into that cylinder above.  That cylinder is what fits into the thigh's femur. sex dolls for men "We are producing 4,000 dolls from monthly 3,000, most of Europe, the United States, overseas markets will be exported, such as Japan," is the South China responsible for the doll factory in Shenzhen City ChinKiyoshi He says. Shanghai to digital media thepaper.cn based in.

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At Cloud Enterprises, we only import dolls that are 150cm and above. We sell Adult Human Replica’s that are deemed to be depicting adults of age 18 and above. We are well known as a trusted and ethical vendor.