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POSTED ON May 5,2021

My 169 with #125 head has arrived. Her name is...........

Hey everybody, doll #7 has arrived. Have not named her yet. Heck, I haven't even named doll #6 yet, as I have been focusing on Anzhelika the last couple of weeks. This is my third SY doll, to go along with my Anya 168 and Anzhelika 171. This doll is my replacement for getting Anzhelika without standing feet. Kudos to SY for quickly resolving their error, and in return they know that I will photograph the hell out of both dolls and give reviews of two dolls rather than just sending me two of the same doll.Anyways, all my dolls are my angels, so all have names that begin with AN. After seeing her face, she definitely looks like a celebrity whose name does start with AN. I will post a couple of photos for now and let me know what celebrity you think she looks like. Want to see if anyone agrees with me.Smiles courtesy of Face App, though her real face does have a smile and Face App has now added "Frown" as a new expression option. sex dolls for men For those who might want to learn the obedience way, the secret is simple, you will learn what your partner is or are in the most wanted in bed, or enjoying.

Once you have fallen in love with your doll, you will feel the need to always be with it and become one with it. lifelike Sex Dolls There is no injury or bread: Because these love doll does not feel the pain, please explore the world of fetish and fantasy. Since it is possible to realize all of the fantasy of you without having to injure or hurt someone in any case, joy has no bounds.

Why, then, there is a difference. In simple terms, the scope of the man of feeling is very different from the woman. Men will ask the joy of "free", but women will crave affection, even in bed. With respect to the sex doll, this is exactly the opposite.

Bi curious women can enjoy experimenting with a life-like female sex doll. Luxury silicone sex dolls feature highly detailed sculpting and 3D digital modelling, alloy plus engineering, and full-body joint articulation and mobility. Made from high quality non-toxic platinum silicone that is eco-friendly, female love dolls have smooth, flawless skin and feminine assets that are customisable. The top-of-the-range realistic sex dolls feature removable limbs and boast the latest technology that allows them to standalone. silicone sex doll If you’ve never experimented with sex lube, you’re definitely in for a real treat. In fact, lubes are the best way to take even the best sexual interactions to the next level. This article takes a look at a variety of lubes and what to expect from them.

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This anal glide also helps to heal wounds, provides an anti-inflammatory effect, and binds moisture. This means that both of you can relax and fully indulge is your ultimate sexual fantasy without worrying about soreness or injury.

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Part of the sex doll manufacturers, already playing with the idea of ​​implementing artificial intelligence to the doll.

It would be great if it’s something healthy like hiking, rock climbing, or if you’re more on the intellectual side, a book club. Just talking to people who share your passion can transform even the worst day into a decent one and plant the seeds of a new friendship.