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POSTED ON March 01, 2019

What are the other benefits of realistic sex dolls besides sexual?

buy tpe love dolls

Love doll helps injured man

Smith, a college boy from New York, is now a junior. It should have been a sunny age, but his family was worried about him. Smith talked about a girlfriend when he promised to enter school, which made his parents happy. In the two years together, Smith brought his girlfriend to see the parents and traveled with his girlfriend. The two people were very happy together. But the good times didn't last long. When he was a junior, his girlfriend abandoned him and was with a rich man. For this reason, Smith was sad and desperate. His family is also very worried.

Smith’s college classmates and roommates saw him so sad and tried to comfort him. In the end, they came up with a very funny way, that is, together with the money to buy a realistic doll for Smith. This high end silicone custom sex doll is different from the ordinary tpe doll. Its quality is very good, the appearance is high quality silicone, and it feels very smooth. There is also a good metal bracket inside, which makes the whole love doll have high support, which is completely different from the inflatable inflatable doll.

Originally his roommate felt that this was a funny way to comfort. But I didn't expect Smith to like it very much. Soon, he liked the realistic love doll very much, and gradually found the happiness of college students.

Sex dolls treat autism

Jack asked for help from an autistic child. In an unexpected situation, my mother found that her autistic child liked to speak to the silicone doll model in the window. This situation is very exciting for the child's mother, because the child is never willing to take the initiative to speak with others, in consultation with her husband. They thought of buying a full-size sex doll. Maybe many people would think that the idea of ​​a child's mother is extremely crazy, but in fact, any person who is on the sidelines cannot feel the same as the parents of autistic children. The child's desire.

Accompanied by a life-size sex doll, the child began to break through many of his first time, learn to communicate and care, learn to embrace and love, although in our eyes, we can’t understand such a love doll for this autistic child. What has come, but he really is better because this love doll is getting better, so that a child with autism becomes a better comfort. For him, silicone doll is a more realistic partner than a plush toy, and he is the only one who is willing to take the initiative. A good partner for the opening.

Sex dolls for depression

Bryant is a single father. He has been divorcing his wife for twenty years. His son is 25 years old this year. After graduating from college, my son has had a stable job and talked about a stable girlfriend. Soon, he will talk about marriage. He was very happy inside, but he was still depressed. The son did not find his father's illness at the beginning. When he was actually sent to the hospital, the depression was already late, and his father had a tendency to commit suicide. The doctor said that it was because the long-term single life was suppressed and felt lonely.

By chance, the son bought a real love doll for his father, hoping that his father could feel the life of a man through a full-size sex doll. Originally, I was very embarrassed, but I didn't expect his father to like it very much. The quality of this realistic tpe doll is very good, the appearance is very delicate, and there are metal brackets inside, which has very good support. Soon, his father soon got better.

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