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POSTED ON Jan 07,2021

Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls

In this photo taken June 13, 2017, the Masayuki Ozaki physiotherapist puts his sex doll silicone Mayu in bed in a love hotel Yachimata in Chiba Prefecture. Photo: AFP realistic sex doll In a review of a male silicone doll in The Sun, Charlotte Rose wrote that his male silicone doll weighed about 135 pounds.

"When you look at a photograph, it is impossible to distinguish, but when you see it in real life, human instincts are triggered and you feel that something is not going well. real doll To date, sex dolls have become incredibly affordable. There are several options to choose from if you want to buy a sex doll, and with the growth and expansion of the industry of the sex dolls on other continents, it becomes easier to own your sex doll. Online sellers and third party brokers are also available if you do not want to deal directly with the manufacturer. Do you know what else comes with a world of sales for the same products? Well, the price drops and most products are affordable. As competition hardens, suppliers cut prices to entice you, and prices eventually fall within manageable ranges. Today a beautiful pregnant sex doll can cost you between $ 500 and $ 6000 if all factors remain constant.

"This is a real milestone for me," she told Perth Now. "In my industry, whenever you get endorsements or sponsorship, or a line of underwear or body parts turned into adult toys is a big problem."

Another important thing to remember is that wet dolls can tear and be damaged more easily than freshly sprayed dolls. This is why we recommend the constant use of baby powder (talc powder) to ensure that her skin is soft, smooth and durable. Now, if you constantly use to the "practice of the penis" (several times a day) and you do not want repoudre each time, it is safe to simply clean and dry with a towel. But in this case, a removable vagina is probably the best way to go. They are actually not that bad even though most prefer to do without this additional option. silicone sex dolls (4) Far from reality (or maybe not!) They are called the recent sex dolls life size in Seattle for a reason. There are easily movable members. And everything is beautifully detailed, their eyebrows to their bodies. Moreover, their weight is also quite realistic, usually ranging from 75 to 115 pounds.

"Later in the cleaning process, what we will do is we'll go through it with a black light to make sure we do not miss anything, and then we spend with UVC light to remove any microbactérie" says Steve.

Once a doll is delivered to a customer, it is free to do whatever he wants, provided it complies with the lease.

In this photo taken June 13, 2017, the Masayuki Ozaki physiotherapist puts his sex doll silicone Mayu in bed in a love hotel Yachimata in Chiba Prefecture. Photo: AFP0

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Most sex dolls are equipped with a vaginal irrigator. After use, rinse the holes with the water pump we provided. Next, insert a soft absorbent cloth into the hole to absorb the remaining moisture. If you need to clean the outside, just wash the sex doll with water and soap.