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POSTED ON October 12, 2019

Discuss the potential future of robotic sexy real sex dolls

real sexy sex dolls

As realistic sex doll become more realistic and their robotization is imminent, one of the main questions to ask is how should the law deal with when making and using such items for children with sexual interests?

It is unclear whether anyone in the United States already has a sexy robot adult love doll like a real woman. Really expensive sex robots are robots, not humans. Like virtual pornography, developing a sex robot like a real person does not require interaction with any user. However, it may also be argued that a sexually-loving robotic latex doll like a real woman will satisfy more users.

What should I do? As computer scientists have argued, the prohibition of robotic movements can only lead to a lack of discussion. Instead, she assumes that the relationship between humans and tpe robots all sex dolls can explore many ways of sexuality and social inclusion.

To be sure, we may not want to repeat certain relationships between humans and sex workers. But for me, what matters is the moral aspect of the way we think about the desires of human robots love dolls.

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