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Video of Irontech Doll 2 Types Auto-sucking Vaginal

Uloversdoll Feb 22, 2024

Irontech Doll is the only sex doll manufacturer so far that can do two kinds of auto-sucking vagina. These two modes are obviously different in function. The following are the differences between the two vaginas:

Auto-sucking Vagina #1 (External Device Version): This device is placed outside the body of the sex doll and can be switched in multiple languages.

Auto-sucking Vagina #2 (Built-in Version): This device is inside the sex doll. It can adjust the vaginal clamping and suction speed and different moaning sound models through buttons, and can also be set to vibration mode.

Auto-sucking Vagina #1 (External Device Version)

Auto-sucking Vagina #2 (Built-in Version)