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Janice:155cm big breast realistic sex dolls freckles face

$1843.32 $1637.49

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Total: $1637.49



Janice is a very rare sex dolls with a size of 155cm. Her face has freckles and is a very realistic doll. She has successfully attracted a lot of fans, and everyone is full of praise for her. This realistic girl has huge breasts, soft and elastic, her wheat-colored skin is very smooth and delicate, clearly showing the skin texture of the human body, looks like the real girl. Janice's outer shell is made of TPE material close to human skin, very close to real female skin, soft and delicate. Its internal metal frame allows the Janice to flexibly perform a variety of movements, free to move to any sexual position, and pose in the position you want for better insertion.


Height 155cm Hips 90cm
Weight 28kg Vagina 18cm
Bust 90cm Anus 16cm
Waist 50cm Mouth 13cm


real tpe dolls

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