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Alex : 160cm/5ft3 Blonde Curves Smart Big Boobs Sex Dolls H Cup

$8036.08 $1639.54


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*T4.0 version of the sex robot features: 1. Rich facial expressions; 2. 7-point body touch pronunciation; 3. Intelligent heating (body temperature 36~38.5 degrees Celsius).

Heating Function

Moaning Function

Skin Color

Eye Color

Lips Color

Areola Color


*The build-in vagina is the best option for user experience, The insert vagina is detachable,it is easier for hygiene and maintaining your doll. After you use it, you can disassemble it and clean it without moving the body of the doll.

Pubic Hair


*There are 3 screws on the standable feet to help the doll stand on its own,Feet without screws, if standing, the heel will be pierced by the stainless steel skeleton of the leg

Fingernail Color

Toenail Color


Extra Eyeballs

Extra Wig

Package Box

Total: $1639.54



The difference between T4.0 version and T4.0 + AI version

T4.0 version of the sex robot features: 1. Rich facial expressions: smile, blink, eyeball turning, head turning, etc. 2. Body 7-point touch pronunciation (English): chest (left/right) + both sides of thighs (left/ Right) + both sides of the arm (left/right) + lower body, 3. Intelligent heating (body temperature 36~38.5 degrees Celsius), 4. No need to connect to the network, ready to use, simple operation, practical functions, 5. Carton packaging, 6. Two Holes available: vagina, anus.

T4.0 + AI version: It has all the functions of the T4.0 version. Some contents of the robot can be programmed through the background management system. The robot sex doll can talk, flirt or stimulate sexual emotions, anything you want. AI sex robots also have sensors on their hands, genitals, head and chest. It helps the robot "feel" when you touch it. The sex robot has its own heating system, which can heat it to a temperature close to the human body and feel warm to the touch.

Smart Sex Doll-Feel the cutting-edge technology

With this 160cm/5ft3 love doll, you will be guaranteed to share a unique intimate experience. By dressing or peeling, you will enjoy half of your future in a sensual and erotic way. Not only can you communicate by touch, you can also find yourself creating a true sentimental story with your own beauty. In addition to the sexual pleasure you'll get from it, this couple's doll will also exude charm, seduction and beauty for all the rooms in your home. Real art work show!

1. When you touch the doll, she can groan sexually

2. Intelligent heating system (human body temperature 36~38.5 degrees Celsius)

3. She can talk to people (English and Chinese only), she can learn more words by herself, she will become smarter to talk, if you use her for a longer time, she will make facial expressions: talk, smile, wink, Turning his eyes, turning his head.


Height 160cm/5ft3 Thigh 40cm
Weight 34kg Arm length 60cm
Bra H Cup Feet length 21cm
Bust 98cm Vagina 18cm
Waist 165cm/5ft5 Anus 16cm
Hips 94cm Mouth Can not oral sex


NOTE:The robot's mouth was installed with mechanisms to make her lips move when she talks, so the robot can not perform oral sex

• For anal and vaginal
• 100% articulated metal frame, spherical joints, good mobility of limbs
• Exquisite facial makeup, ultra-realistic skin, excellent softness

Package list:

1 x Smart sex dolls
1 x Wig
1 x Comb
1 x Gloves
1 x Vaginal Heating rod *Insert it into the vagina or anus to heat the hole of the doll, Make the temperature of the hole close to human
1 x Vaginal cleaning instrument


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• Custom Sex Dolls: 15 - 20 business days.
• In Stock Sex Dolls: 3 - 7 business days.


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We offer Free & Discreet worldwide shipping. But due to import laws, we DO NOT SHIP to the following destinations: Islamic countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, Brazil,or Korea.

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• All Regions: $0 (*including all taxes).

✔ Discreet Packaging:

The doll will be packed in a plain carton box. There will be no any information that indicates that it’s a doll.

Discreet Packaging


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