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POSTED ON March 21, 2019

Professional cleaning methods for sex doll tutorial

clean love sex dolls

With the development of society, people's attitude towards sex has gradually opened up. Many sex products have gradually entered people's field of vision. sex doll are one of them. Silicone dolls are high-end versions of physical dolls. Silicone is made into a solid sex doll. For the maintenance of solid dolls, you need to use the correct method. Wrong operation may cause damage to your sex dolls. So what is the correct sex doll cleaning method? Here are the tips that Uloversdoll.com gives you:

After you receive the sex doll, you should first clean the sex doll to make you feel clean in a clean state, then follow the cleaning steps below to clean your love doll.

1. Unpack the box and take out the sex doll. You must find a space that is 2 times larger.

2. Remove the packaged plastic paper and check for damage during handling.

3. Send the silicone doll to the bathroom and remove the oil from the doll. In order to make the sex doll's body soft, it is filled with an oil component in the silicone gel, which also gives your love doll a charming aroma. In this way, as time goes by, the surface of the realistic doll will have oil. Therefore, the doll should be bathed once a week to remove oil.

4. After the shower, give the sexual doll body powder. Use ordinary baby powder. The purpose is to take away the oil while removing the oil, and take away the dirt on the body. After that, rinse, remove oil, and powder, then wipe the powder and dirt off with a wet towel. Then, after the doll is dry, pour a powder and keep the body dry and clean.

5. Silicone sex doll hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place your life like a sex doll.

General cleaning:

General cleaning: If the sexual doll is accidentally contaminated with dirt or dust, try to wipe it with a wet towel and shower gel. If you can't clean the shower gel, you can try to remove it with cleansing oil. If it is impossible to remove the stain, it may be dyed (described later). If the doll has a large dirt range, consider taking the doll to the bathroom for direct cleaning (in case of environmental permitting), water temperature, As long as the temperature of the human body can withstand the temperature of the doll is acceptable, TPE dolls are more sensitive to temperature, remember not to use the over-temperature water (70 degrees or more) to "sterilize" the TPE dolls, TPE materials may be because Deformation at high temperatures!

Cleaning after use:

The general sex doll can be used in three parts: the mouth, the private part and the anus. Most of the three parts of the doll can be used, but a few brands of the doll have only one or two functions, no matter which one. The brand's sexual doll, her mouth or anus must belong to the "integrated" design, that is, the internal passage and the body are not detachable, but the private parts are not necessarily, and some of the doll's private parts are designed to be detachable "split" Design, after use, directly remove the name device (private channel) and clean it. If you choose a one-piece doll, you may need to move the entire doll into the bathroom for cleaning after use. No matter how you wash the doll, remember to cover the doll with a towel and gently "pat dry" it. Do not wipe it hard to avoid scratching the surface of the body. The inside of the channel can be rolled into strips. Stir in the water and dry it. After the water on the doll is dry, remember the last talcum powder to keep the skin of the sex doll in the best touch.


The body of a living sex doll will have a continuous chronic oil. The oil content of the baby is different. The oil of the high-grade rubber is slightly mild, and the oil of the TPE dolls is more obvious. After the baby is out of oil, the body's touch will be worse (squeaky, sticky) and easy to get dusty. Therefore, in order to maintain the smooth and soft touch of the sexy doll body, regular maintenance is particularly important. The maintenance method is very simple. Just use the commercially available hazelnut powder and a set of baby puff boxes to spread the hazelnut powder evenly on the love doll.

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