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POSTED ON March 25, 2019

Gonzo: A man get marries with a sex doll

marriage with sex doll

In our lives, we know that marriage is the best ending of a man and woman love story, but today I introduce you to a world anecdote, a man married to a real sex doll. Have you heard of such an interesting thing? may

Whether or not this truly describes a person with such a doll, a lifelike doll may change the way these owners observe, making technology less relevant and more focused on artificial intelligence and companionship.

Filmmaker Melody Gilbert's documentary "Silicone Soul" interviewed men and women who developed romantic and unusual relationships with life dolls. The 54-year-old Chicago man John spent $7,000 on Jackie. The man instinctively knew that the doll was not real. Women, but they live in the middle of the relationship between fantasy and reality, it records the life of men who fall in love with dolls - and other doll lovers who have the interest and motivation to separate from sex or romance, such as female artists using doll photography And friendship.

The Detroit man 'Davecat' said he married one of his dolls, Sidore, but they had a passionate relationship with another silicone doll, Elena. He believes that he is a pioneer in "synthetic" love, and believes that he will "self-pick" by dating 'organic' women.

“Initially, I don’t know,” she said to the patient. "In the beginning, my patient was telling me that he was in such a good relationship; he had two failed marriages, and now he found the love in his life.

You know how a man calls a woman "doll" - at first he is using it, I think, "Okay, she is his doll" - then I realized. I looked at him and said, "Do you mean a real doll?" He said, "Yes, yes."

"I have to go through many complicated emotions. You know, I am a feminist, and suddenly this man told me that his best relationship with a woman is to use a doll - all these ideas about objectifying women.

At first, I think that most men are social, they are lonely people who are challenged by society, and they have difficulties in relationship - but over the years I have found that some of these men are married and some are related. In addition to interpersonal relationships, they also have doll relationships.

In John's case, he was married before - and in fact his stepchildren warned of the existence of these dolls. He said: "I have been married to a flesh-and-blood person for eight years, and I have not succeeded... Now I am with Jackie, we are very happy - this is very strange, but it is very strange. Strange is not necessarily It means bad things. Real dolls don't cheat. "They don't lie. They don't steal... she makes me honest. She makes me happy. [I] tried to learn Zen from her. She is so calm, so collected, more mature than me.

“Usually, the ownership of sex dolls is portrayed as morbid. Sex doll owners are members of marginalized populations, and because of fear of judgment, persecution and psychiatric labeling, many community members want to remain anonymous, so reaching out to people is challenging. Sex Doll brothels are also mistakenly referred to as "sexual robot brothels," although most people do not have this artificial intelligence.

Sexual dolls may also become non-normative personality preferences (think of people with violent or heterosexual behavior), do not want to hurt a living person, or monogamous people want to be sexual without real commitment Behavioral tests are unfaithful.

Yes, sex dolls have become a very important substitute for people in the real world. May be your wife, girlfriend, or your friend, child. For those who lack companionship, buying a doll is a very normal phenomenon. Of course, it is rare to marry a sex doll, but it is not too surprising.

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Gonzo: A man get marries with a sex doll

In our lives, we know that marriage is the best ending of a man and woman love story, but today I introduce you to a world anecdote, a man married to a real sex dolls. Have you heard of such an interesting thing? may