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POSTED ON May 14, 2019

Who is more suitable to use silicone sex doll torso?

silicone sex dolls

When you have bought your sex doll, you definitely want to know where to buy a sexual torso. Durable, which is more practical and realistic for sexual behavior. As a company, uloversdoll will consider more and see better!

Who is better for a torso sex doll? Most people who buy a torso are for sexual use, because these fun sex toys have a woman's sexual opening. But some people use their torso staging for art and photography, and dolls are the best models to help these people solve problems.

The true torso silicone sex doll has the advantages. You will find that one of the great advantages of a sexual torso is that it doesn't take up space and is easier to store and carry. Unlike love dolls from a minimum of 140cm to 170cm, they can be placed in your suitcase, as easy as carrying a piece of clothing. This is more cautious and usable for people who travel a lot, just save it in your suitcase and move to any location. If you have to move regularly because of your work needs, you can not hesitate to buy a sexual torso without a head.

These sexy women's torso have ideal shapes, rounded and solid breasts, realistic faces, and slightly shimmering cuts. This is a perfect woman's flexible real sex doll, it is a very practical masturbation sex toy, with a woman's body and two tight deep holes compared to the aircraft cup, choose to switch the fuck's different sex holes to gain sex Pleasure.

All in all, if you often move your work position, it is the ideal tool for making love without a wife. Because it is made from a TPE that is close to the human body, it is less likely to be damaged without a sensitive end, and the overall size is still compact. The biggest advantage you will find in the torso is that it is very convenient to place the doll in the position of the puppy, revealing the sexy ass, vagina and anus, and start your sex.

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