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POSTED ON Feb 10,2021

Man will talk about what it feels like is to live with a sex doll, Is it crazy?

A man named Carlos, I decided to talk about the experience of sex doll. His story two years ago, rather than a "spark" is no longer the same with his wife, began to when you feel that there is no the same for sexual relations. realistic sex doll "When you look at a photograph, it is impossible to distinguish, but when you see it in real life, human instincts are triggered and you feel that something is not going well.

Sex is a very important aspect of the relationship. If you and your spouse have a boring sex a number of times, this gives a blow to your entire relationship. By bringing a sex doll, you can express that you are that as much as possible in order to improve the sex life. This is a big step that indicates whether the cares how much the relationship. best sex doll "And of course, we also have many husbands who say, 'I do not want to deceive my wife This is just a big sex toy I did not need to have a guilty conscience and n..' there is no danger. "

Still, a lot of people, about what the use of sex doll is how they affect the existing or future relationship, we still harbor fear. Partner and Is it safe to become open for the use of sex doll, or do I need to in private? If there is a gap between the couple / husband and wife, full revenge for the tolerance of love is also a kind of good faith.

Doll of 6.500 US dollars (about 23 million Colombian pesos), you can answer to questions about ethics and morality. And "Human beings for thousands of years, we have attempted to determine the right and wrong, not yet a universal consensus. The problem of moral moral behavior is the actual ethics of deeply difficult problem is to" Nova says. silicone sex doll Since the toys can be hidden easily, you can enjoy your vacation, we put in a travel bag. This privacy is protected, the scope of the interference will be erased. As mentioned earlier, sex toys will provide a stunning variation to customers of all types. So, is there a good chance to find the perfect toy for your needs.

"Your what things to masturbate in the original look like doll has become a problem?", Which is the director of the PK is the country's first sex girl PaolaKuliok (49 years old) says. Paola, which is also the consultant and specialist of erotic games, from dildos to dolls, says that there is no problem to explore our fantasies.

Perhaps, everyone does not have their own sex robot. At least for a while. Dutch wife says to be the electric car. For now, the price of the electric car is too high for many people. Separate male and female robot, up to $ 15,000, in some cases, may take a more cost.

A man named Carlos, I decided to talk about the experience of sex doll. His story two years ago, rather than a "spark" is no longer the same with his wife, began to when you feel that there is no the same for sexual relations.0

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