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ORDOLL Sex Doll 156cm/5ft1+146head lady-boy-Kyra G-Cup

$2343.37 $1858.00


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Skin Color

Eye Color

Gel Breasts

*Gel Breasts(Jelly Breasts) are softer than the standard breast option. The gel is the perfect middle ground and most closely mimics the feel and movement of a real breast. The gel is essentially made to behave and feel like human fat which makes it so realistic.


*The build-in vagina is the best option for user experience, The insert vagina is detachable,it is easier for hygiene and maintaining your doll. After you use it, you can disassemble it and clean it without moving the body of the doll.

Pubic Hair

Insertable Penis

*This dildo is a great accessory for gays and lesbians,Get the best of the SHE and the HE with a tranny rigid penis insert. you can always remove the penis insert to use the vagina


*There are 3 screws on the standable feet to help the doll stand on its own,Feet without screws, if standing, the heel will be pierced by the stainless steel skeleton of the leg


*Shrugging shoulders are more flexible shoulders, her posture is closer to humans

Hanger Kits

*For better storage, The hanger will be fitted to the skeleton of the doll's neck,a detachable steel hook provides additional support by allowing the body to hang safely.

Total: $1858.00

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3D Realistic Sex Dolls

4 in 1 custom sex doll, you can enjoy the vagina & anal & breast & oral fun. Each option is specifically designed to give a unique sensation.

Made of safe and innocuous TPE, which is soft, flexible, skin-friendly, and no bad smell.

Real Channels - 3D realistic internal structure, around stimulating ribbing particels inside, deep tunnels perfectly fit any length.Creat intense stimulation for each of your thrusts.


• For oral sex, anal and vaginal
• 100% articulated metal frame, spherical joints, good mobility of limbs
• Exquisite facial makeup, ultra-realistic skin, excellent softness


sex doll height Height: 156cm / 5ft1
sex doll bust Bust: 90cm / 35.43 in
sex doll waist Waist: 59cm / 23.22 in
sex doll hips Hips: 86cm / 33.85 in
sex doll boobs Cup Size: G Cup
sex doll weight Net Weight: 33kg / 72.75 lbs
sex doll vagina Vagina Depth: 17cm / 6.69 in
sex doll anus Anus Depth: 15cm / 5.9 in
oral Oral Depth: 12cm / 4.72 in

Package list:

1 x Real sex doll
1 x Wig
1 x Comb
1 x Gloves
1 x Vaginal Heating rod *Insert it into the vagina or anus to heat the hole of the doll, Make the temperature of the hole close to human
1 x Vaginal cleaning instrument


✔Shipping Time:

• Custom Sex Dolls: 15 - 20 business days.
• In Stock Sex Dolls: 3 - 7 business days.


✔Shipping Country:

We offer Free & Discreet worldwide shipping. But due to import laws, we DO NOT SHIP to the following destinations: European region,Islamic countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, Brazil,or Korea.

✔Shipping Fees:

• All Regions: $0 (*including all taxes).

✔ Discreet Packaging:

The doll will be packed in a plain carton box. There will be no any information that indicates that it’s a doll.

Discreet Packaging


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For the first few years, we have one. We have a lot of dolls set, available for anyone to come and view. However, no one came to visit them. OK, we have a few people a month that Warren would actually go to buy a doll, but the time and cost involved in maintaining a showroom, in fact, it does not seem to be a big part of people's purchasing decision-making process means that it is not true worth it. It seems, in this industry, people do not bother about the physical examination. In the future, may be different, I always envisioned a bit like the Apple store in each city, the robot has participated in shows and people will check, interaction and purchase of these stores. This will happen once the doll has become advanced, that robot, and when they become socially acceptable. Because at that time, they will be home / home robot primary purpose of the sale - although I still imagine salesman to his father cheeky wink nudge or implied, and many other tasks they can do around the house. realistic sex doll "Not today." Holds your sex doll in the corridor next to your room. Actually, what she said was "Put your head in my pussy, Dad," a strangely erotic voice and robotics.