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XYCOLO Dolls Pictures Collection

Judging from the pictures of this brand's lover doll, the shape of the doll is exactly the soul of a real lover doll that customers can feel. Since it is a product with many chances of contact with the skin, its safety has passed global standards such as CE, RoHS, FDA, etc. An affectionate silicone sex doll, it refers to a full faux lover. Not only does it have a realistic face and body appearance, it even has realistic bones. The XYCOLO doll features a lightweight stainless steel frame and the most joints in the industry.

Life Size Adult Love Doll

Vada C-cup 157cm/5ft2 Life Size Adult Sex Dolls Pictures

Slim Silicone Love Doll Factory Image

Marlee Life Size C-cup 157cm/5ft2 European Skinny Silicone Sex Doll Photo

Real Full Size Silicone Sex Doll Photos Finley

Finley E-cup 163cm/5ft4 Full Silicone Sex Doll Image

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Bert 163cm/5ft4 Adult Female Chef B-cup Silicone Sex Doll Gallery

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Sumiko E-cup Big Tits Swimsuit Girls 163cm/5ft4 Silicone Sex Doll Pics