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Sex Doll Cleaning Machine UV Disinfection Intelligent Cleaning Set

$1200 $922.00

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UV Disinfection Sex Doll Cleaning Set

Total: $922.00

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Cleaning Sex Doll- WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set

The WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set comes with:

Control Host (black box)

Cleaning Jet

Water Inlet Pipe

Power Adapter

Water Dry Diatomite Stick Rod

User manual

The Control Host features two water connectors, a data socket in the back, and a power socket in the front.

How To use the WM Intelligent Cleaning Set:

1.Connect the power supply to the Control Host

2.Connect the Cleaning Jet data socket to the Control Host, being careful to connect the sockets correctly

3.Tighten the screw to secure the attachment

4.Connect the water pipes: First the Cleaning Jet to the Water Outlet, then the Water Inlet Pipe

5.Now your WM Intelligent Cleaning kit will be ready to use!

6.After submerging the inlet pipe, insert the Cleaning Jet into your love doll’s vagina, anus, or mouth. It works similarly to a vaginal irrigator.

7.The washing water will drain out of the larger pipe. Make sure it is pointed downward!

This cleaning sex doll set offers Automatic and Semi-Automatic Modes, which includes:




Ultrasonic Vibration

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Manual processes don’t guarantee that your doll will get completely cleaned. An improperly cleaned sex doll is nothing to mess around with. This cleaning set will give you peace of mind whenever you’re ready for a good time!

There is no better way to ensure your safety and your doll’s longevity.

Additional tips for caring for your sex doll:

Use a soft cloth and Talcum powder to dry the doll’s skin completely

When cleaning sex doll exterior, water and soap are enough. Use antibacterial soap

lways remove the doll’s head to prevent water from entering it

Cold water is fine, but warm water is better

When you clean your doll’s wig, use shampoo and conditioner. Brush with a wooden comb, and air dry naturally


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