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Stephanie : Fine Smooth Small Breasts High Quality TPE Sex Dolls 166cm(5ft5″)

$3234.56 $1999.99

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Stephanie has a rare skin tone, very smooth and delicate, soft and elastic. This high quality 166 cm WM Sex Doll comes with amazing feminine charm, beautiful small breasts and a real female look. She wore a nice little skirt, leaking a tight juicy vaginal opening, a very attractive little vagina. Instantly evokes your strong sexual desires. This sexy girl tpe sex doll has a tight-fitting butt and tanned skin, and she offers three penetrating sexual openings designed to satisfy your sexual desire. And you can switch between different sex postures according to your needs, mainly thanks to its internal docking metal skeleton, which allows her to flexibly move and perfectly match your sexual movements.


Height 166cm Thigh 47cm
Weight 40kg Arm length 58cm
Bra C Cup Feet length 20cm
Bust 82cm Vagina 18cm
Waist 49cm Anus 16cm
Hips 77cm Mouth 13cm


• For oral sex, anal and vaginal
• 100% articulated metal frame, spherical joints, good mobility of limbs
• Exquisite facial makeup, ultra-realistic skin, excellent softness

Package list:

1 x Small breasts TPE sex dolls
1 x Wig
1 x Comb
1 x Gloves
1 x Sexy erotic underwear
1 x Vaginal heating rod
1 x Vaginal cleaning instrument


Realistic WM TPE sex dolls Realistic 166cm sexy tpe sex dolls Realistic tpe sexy dolls 166cm Realistic tpe sex dolls 166cm

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