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Raven Lifelike #48 Head B-cup Anime Character Silicone Sex Dolls Pic

POSTED ON Dec 09, 2021

I love all men! The white, slender, smooth peach buttocks are charming anime sex doll! Cute smiles and a natural ambience so you can relax and not get tired. Since players are inherently naughty, there is no doubt that this will be an erotic game far beyond your imagination when you are alone! The sensitivity is quite good, and the natural emulsion will immediately stick to the cock as soon as it is touched! It seems that the natural lotion spilled too much, stained the pants, and I seemed to be in trouble, but from a man's point of view, it was nothing more than excitement! This is a rare sex doll for girls, so if you can't decide which girl to choose, choose Raven, which is very popular right now!


Manufacturers ElsaBabe Doll Bra B Cup
Height 4.85 ft Weight 25kg
Bust 60cm Vagina Depth 15.5cm
Waist 41cm Anus Depth 12cm
Hips 74cm Oral Depth 11.5cm

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