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Chizue B-cup #46 Head Life Size Pretty Girl Sex Doll Physical Pics

POSTED ON Sep 03 , 2022

These Japanese sex doll look as realistic as possible to ensure buyers and users of our products have the most realistic experience possible. Their functions are mounted on a stainless steel skeleton, making them sturdy and easy to handle. Also, this metal frame is flexible so you can place it where you want and it will stay where you want. These dolls allow you to enjoy oval, anal and vaginal sex. The features of these dolls, such as size, eye color, hair color and length, lip color, etc., can be easily customized according to customer requirements. So, as a client, you have the opportunity to create the perfect Asian princess at an affordable price. These doll experiences deprive us of the mundane nature of everyday interactions on a social and sexual level. No inattentive peers will judge and you will have complete autonomy in frequency, gender personality and rhythm. These dolls are always ready, allowing you to fully satisfy your sexual needs at any time without protest. On a social level, it can help combat loneliness in those who have difficulty getting along with others.


Manufacturers WM Doll Bra B Cup
Height #46 Head Weight 25kg
Bust 62cm Vagina Depth 18cm
Waist 44cm Anus Depth 15cm
Hips 170cm/5ft7 Oral Depth 12cm

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