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Madilyn F-cup 161cm/5ft3 Realistic European Premium Sex Doll Nude Images

POSTED ON Oct 12 , 2022

I would like to introduce this 161cm/5ft3 premium sex doll. Madilyn's complexion is close to Japanese. It is a lover doll that reproduces the whole body of a woman in life size, made of material as close as possible to the touch of a woman's skin. You can even customize your body and skin tone. In any case, a person with a face and body that is close to the master's ideal will make people's hearts move, and he is quite an exemplary body, his face is also finely crafted, and he dominates the immorality of a real female CEO. You can enjoy this feeling to the fullest. Plump breasts and buttocks, slim waist love doll Please enjoy the photos. That's why it's a special style. You can do anything you like with your own real doll, even hard games that are difficult for human opponents. Nipple color and size options are included in the price.


Manufacturers SE Doll Bra F Cup
Height 161cm/5ft3 Weight 48kg
Bust 83cm Vagina Depth 17cm
Waist 50cm Anus Depth 17cm
Hips 89cm Oral Depth 15cm

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