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Ayumi 156cm/5ft1 E-cup Pure Japanese Adult Sex Doll Real Image

POSTED ON Sep 01 , 2022

Plus, you can get pleasure and comfort from life-size Japanese sex doll. People become exhausted and depressed when they self-pleasure near orgasm. With sex doll body parts at your disposal, you can get the most desired release without having to grab anything. Buying adult dolls is important for people because it allows them to achieve release without wasting physical and mental resources. In addition, sex dolls help balance the sexual arousal of a sexual partner. If your libido is higher than your partner, owning a Japanese doll can help you satisfy your libido without cheating. Also, if your partner is not feeling well, you can have sex with the doll.


Manufacturers DL Doll Bra E Cup
Height 156cm/5ft1 Weight 34.5kg
Bust 79cm Vagina Depth 17cm
Waist 53cm Anus Depth 14cm
Hips 83cm Oral Depth 12cm

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