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Lark Real Life Skinny Boy 165cm Silicone Head Sex Doll Images

POSTED ON Jun 29 , 2022

Whether gay or straight, it seems men are collectively deciding that they too can buy and enjoy sex toys. Toys are no longer just for ladies. It's not an overnight shift, though, but something that has been slowly building up over the past decade. Lockdown has also made it impossible for singles to meet others and start new relationships. It makes sense that women would turn to male sex doll to give them the companionship and sexuality missing from social isolation.


Manufacturers Qita Doll Dildo Optional Size
Height 165cm Weight 39kg
Bust 74cm Vagina Depth 12cm
Waist 66cm Anus Depth 14cm
Hips 82cm Oral Depth 4cm

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