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Mabel Sexy 153cm/5ft F-cup New Christmas Sex Dolls Pictures

POSTED ON Dec 07, 2021

Youthful and slender looks are a perfect match! Super cute pop poetry! Outstanding style! You'll notice you're there, admiring the slender figure. Clean and beautiful! It is a super attractive new sex doll that is both cute and sexy. To such a lovely poem. . You will want to enjoy that pure reaction after listening to it. Beautiful facial features, slender yet outstanding proportions, and snow-white skin attract more and more customers! It's as if you'll inadvertently be sucked in by those cute big eyes. The sense of healing is also outstanding, and relieves physical and mental fatigue while firmly pressing the acupuncture points. A 100% smile is sure to please you and make you feel as though you are spending time with a loved one!


Manufacturers SE Doll Bra F Cup
Height 153cm/5ft Weight 29.5kg
Bust 73.5cm Vagina Depth 17cm
Waist 50.5cm Anus Depth 15cm
Hips 82.5cm Oral Depth 15cm

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