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Cali 80cm E-cup Real Sex Doll Torso Physical Picture

POSTED ON Oct 16 , 2022

The use of love dolls made of silicone and other materials is increasing day by day, even among singles and couples who want a triple pleasure experience in their sexual fantasies. This is the main reason why top torso sex doll and adult doll manufacturers are ready to show all positive and valuable signs in the global market. These dolls are great to choose and use as they are perfect for delivering all the sensory terms that are strong in Japan, Europe and America. One of the main advantages is that technology makes it all possible for men who can't even get better orgasms and for partners who can only get their ovaries through lifelike sex dolls.


Manufacturers DL Doll Bra E Cup
Height 80cm Weight 18kg
Bust 72cm Vagina Depth cm
Waist 48cm Anus Depth cm
Hips 75cm Oral Depth cm

sex doll Cali

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