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Austen 165cm/5ft5 Silicone G-cup Baseball Women Sex Dolls Photo

POSTED ON May 19, 2022

Even so, today's realistic lesbian sex doll  are often heavy and come in a wooden case that's not bulky enough that the lover's doll's box is difficult to carry alone, and most don't have it now. Also, with a lot of people living on higher floors, sometimes even without elevators, there are a lot of concerns, especially when few are trying to keep it a secret.


Manufacturers Irontech Doll Bra B Cup
Height 165cm/5ft5 Weight 39kg
Bust G Cup Vagina Depth 18cm
Waist 57cm Anus Depth 16cm
Hips 91cm Oral Depth 12cm

Why choose Irontech Brand Dolls?

Irontech Doll is a prominent manufacturer known for its high-quality and realistic adult-oriented silicone companions. With a focus on innovation and craftsmanship, the company has gained recognition for its lifelike and customizable creations that cater to a range of preferences. Combining advanced technology and artistic design, Irontech Sex Dolls offers a diverse selection of anatomically accurate and detailed dolls that provide a unique and intimate experience for individuals seeking companionship or exploring their fantasies. While these products have sparked discussions around societal norms and ethics, the company remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of realism and personal connection through their meticulously crafted creations.

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