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Kitty a Big Ass and Big Breast Doll with Blonde Sexy Full Size Body for Men

POSTED ON May 20, 2019

Kitty is a 166cm sex doll, a high end sex doll of the WM DOLL brand. It has a very large chest and hips. In the gallery, you can find her strong desire for sex in her eyes, and hope to get more orgasm. The premise is that you will choose her and let her be the master of your bedroom.

This blonde sexy girl has a full body curve. Kitty is a very realistic European-style big breasted female replica, such as a live tpe doll 100% realistic sexy body charm. Her chest and hips are very large, with realistic faces and open sex. She is an ideal model for imitating the human body and practicing masturbation, a new kind of fun. This energetic blonde has become a very popular style, a very popular new big breasted doll. She never refuses any requests and tries to please your life. Kitty offers a rather unusual experience, she just wants to have sex with you, enjoy good times and share happiness.


Height 166cm Thigh 48cm
Weight 36kg Arm length 65cm
Bra I Cup Feet length 21cm
Bust 100cm Vagina 18cm
Waist 70cm Anus 16cm
Hips 98cm Mouth 13cm

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