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165cm Kaede Military Uniforms Full Size Realistic Sex Dolls Images

POSTED ON May 10, 2019

Kaede is a realistic sex doll wearing a military green dress. She has a tall, real-life size and is 165cm tall, but she is equipped with a small chest and a size B. This is what she looks very thin, perfect fitness, military-like figure, and the charm of women is displayed in the curve. This lifelike sex doll is very popular, so the Uloversdoll store has also taken more clear photos for you, through a variety of body movements, postures and multiple angles, so that you have a better understanding of Kaede.

Kaede is a 165 cm realistic TPE doll that is very popular with photographers and artists. This real sex doll has a flat small chest and a bust size B. The top quality has decided that Kaede is your ideal companion. She is not only a sexual partner but also a life partner. In the gallery, Kaede tries to wear a sexy military camouflage suit, showing the perfect feminine look and temperament under the lens of the lights and photographers. Realistic faces are as beautiful as real women. This large-size real tpe doll created by the SY DOLL brand is designed to provide you with a better partner.


Height 165cm Hips 81cm
Weight 33kg Vagina 18cm
Bust 84cm Anus 16cm
Waist 50cm Mouth 13cm

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