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Carly Real Doll Photos : 158cm Skinny TPE B Cup Love Doll

POSTED ON May 10, 2019

Carly is a real-life 158cm realistic sex doll, and the sexy little chest B cup can also show women's sexy and feminine body posture. Curved tpe skin and beautiful face, make-up like a real woman. Our sex dolls have interchangeable heads and wigs are wearable. You can create more styles for your sex dolls according to your preferences. Buying a lifelike doll, you can have more girlfriends, by changing their heads and wigs, but the body is unique, so you can buy more sex dolls, replaceable heads, and combine them into more Realistic love dolls.

Carly is a very realistic tpe love doll that looks or twists beyond anyone's imagination. Sexy body, complete photo, showing the female body curve. This 158cm TPE sexs doll will satisfy all your libido and desires. They can interact, react and move according to your requirements. Realize all body postures and sexual movements of real people. In fact, the face of Carly's sexy doll is very realistic, with a small chest and a size of only B. Using skin made from soft and realistic TPE, it reproduces the smooth, delicate skin of real women. The three interesting sexual openings they offer can simulate real female oral sex, vaginal and anal sex.Real silicone dolls can also satisfy some people's sex games and try new ways of playing. They play various roles in our lives.


Height 158cm Hips 78cm
Weight 42kg Vagina 18cm
Bust 85cm Anus 16cm
Waist 50cm Mouth 13cm

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