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O Cup Sex Doll Big Chest Review

Customer Reviews

4.5 (135 reviews)












  • Hilary Daniel

    May 3, 2020


    Okay so I got this during quarantine and I have to say I think this big chest sex doll works too well. Honestly takes the pleasure of the act it’s self. Using my hand takes 20-40 minutes, and a girl I can fool around with for hrs. so if you only have a minute to spare throughout your day get this sex doll.

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  • BGMiller

    Jul 22, 2019


    For me, it is important to have quality and the switch delivered. Uloversdoll TPE sex doll is odorless, feels good! Resilience is good. The high molecular weight TPE material has better resilience. The thermoplastic elastomer has environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide hardness range, excellent coloring property, soft-touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, and excellent processing performance. No need for vulcanization, processing efficiency is higher than rubber, can be recycled to reduce

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  • B Wolsey

    May 28, 2019


    Uloversdoll is one of the world's top-rated full-size sex doll shops, we only provide high-quality life-size sex dolls. We promise all dolls are premium and realistic. Free shipping worldwide. We also focus on customers' privacy protection, you won't find any personal information on your packages. I am having fun with her. Enjoying myself with he company specially now that I have to stay at home. I have more time with her. She really amazes me. She looks so real and beautiful.

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