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Sexy Chinese Adult Sex Doll Review

Real Chinese women's bodies are relatively short and their breasts are not large, and they are very conservative about sex. And Chinese Sex Doll have beautiful shapes of Chinese aesthetic standards, plump and sexy bodies, and sex with such Chinese female elites is undoubtedly a very special enjoyment.


Holmberg Anton

May 29, 2024

Chinese Virgin Love Doll
Mengyan - ZELEX Realistic Chinese Virgin Sex Dolls Review

I've never owned a Chinese sex doll that was fun to play with. I didn't know what to expect, but I'm glad I bought this one. It's small, but made of durable materials. It's built for long-term use. And it feels very natural, which I love. It's fun to play with her alone, but adding another female takes the excitement to a new level. Whether you're single or not, I highly recommend buying one.


menard jonathan

Apr 25, 2024

China Real Doll
Jianan - DL Real Life China Sexdolls Review

Think this is a great training tool - whenever I don't feel as tight as before, I can challenge myself with a second tube that's tighter until I get over it. I love this Chinese sex doll because it is so realistic. The removable legs added even more fun to my fun.


Ferri Guglielmo

Apr 22, 2024

Chinese Adult Real Doll
Kexing - DL Life Size Chinese Adult Sexdolls Review

Heat rods are good too, but I feel like the Chinese sex doll heats up quickly through friction, but if you hold it, other areas are a bit cold. This is a good quality toy and well worth the money for its size and weight. Solid 5 stars, at least the interior feel, weight advantage, and adjustable frame.


Jaman Kamaru

Apr 18, 2024

China Adult Doll
Feifei - Orange in Sexy China Love Dolls Review

Looks good and feels good I never thought I could make a Chinese sex doll feel so intense. The lube that came with it was my first time using lube and I have to say I have tried different kinds of lube since then but none compare.


St.Thomas Josh

Apr 17, 2024

Chinese Busty Silicon Love Doll
Lili - SY Cute Chinese Busty Silicon Sex Doll Review

It feels pretty good on the skin. Chinese sex dolls are not as soft or pliable as real life ones, but overall they are pretty close. Breasts and buttocks are soft and feel good. The colors are realistic and the same as the pictures.


Stoica Vasile Tanuja

Apr 07, 2024

Chinese Adult Doll
Xishi - Angelkiss Lifelike Chinese Love Dolls Review

I love the softness of Chinese sex dolls and they have these rods inside that you can squeeze to adjust the tightness.


Das Avi

Mar 08, 2024

Chineseancient costume Real Doll
Wushi - Starpery Chinese ancient costume Love Dolls Review

A flexible frame in the spine allows each leg to move freely in all directions. The proportions are stunning, especially the weight. Although larger than most Chinese sex dolls, it is easier to move and position than similarly designed toys.


Kelleman Andy

Nov 14, 2023

Chinese Girlfriend Sex Doll
Ruchi - Realistic Chinese Girlfriend Sex Dolls Review

Definitely a great purchase. Was a little skeptical at first but this is 10 out of 10. Definitely recommend the Elf sex doll to any man looking for personal pleasure and quality of life.


Barron David

Aug 13, 2023

170cm Chinese Sex Doll
Mulan - Realistic Chinese Mixed-blood Sex Dolls Review

It's amazing. I have never owned such a nice Chinese sex doll. It's practically stuck to my crotch since I got it recently. The jagged ridges stimulated my head and the way it juggled when I inserted it was adorable.


Godsey Austin

Aug 11, 2023

150cm/4ft11 Chinese Sex Doll
Pan Jinlian - Life Like China Hanfu Girl Sex Dolls Review

"Nice "big"" toy. The softness, sensuality and realism are all amazing. This Chinese sex doll is really nice and it's a pleasure to hold a big pound and use it to get real satisfaction. Highly recommended for a night alone.


Combs Justice

Aug 10, 2023

160cm/5ft3 Chinese Sex Doll
Taiping - Most Realistic Chinese Busty Sex Doll Review

She looks great! Just like the picture, but looks better up close! I love the softness of Chinese sex dolls and the tightness of the holes. Delivery was fast and packaging was very good and discreet.


Chiappini Dario

Aug 03, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Rushi - Busty Chinese Girl Sex Doll Review

Very realistic, great gift for men, feels very close to real skin, and overall an amazing product that won't leave a chinese sex doll again.


Blopleh Amos

Aug 03, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Ruxi - Chinese Costume Girl Sex Doll Review

Love this Chinese sex doll. A bit heavy, but that way it stays put while you're using it. It feels magical and realistic. I will definitely buy it again once it is time to replace the one I have now.


terry Anthony

Aug 01, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Rumeng - Realistic Chinese Style Sex Dolls Review

I love this Chinese sex doll. It has quickly become one of my top 3 favorite toys; the perfect size and feels very soft and smooth on the outside. Great for making videos and looks great in pictures


Carver Tyler

Aug 01, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Ruhua - Chinese Adult Sex Doll Review

The good life is like,..! The Chinese sex doll gets the job done, the only complaint is that it weighs a bit on the small side! Other than that, this is a great product!


Penalver Octavio

Jul 19, 2023

D-cup Chinese Sex Doll
Xiaoning - Full Silicone Chinese Ancient Costume Sex Dolls Review

My first time buying a Chinese sex doll and I'm impressed, I didn't know what to expect, but it's not that small, it's a good size, especially for the price, it feels great, the only thing I regret not getting one sooner


Lord Stephen

Jun 25, 2023

Medium Boobs Chinese Sex Doll
Xiaoni - Sexy Chinese Woman Sex Dolls Review

I have more Chinese sex dolls than I expected, so I figured this was a good deal. So well made, it feels like the real thing, it's stunning.


Foisal Mohammad

Apr 19, 2023

Chinese Sex Doll
Xiaocui - Mature Chinese Female Sex Dolls Review

Soft and fluffy, the shape is just as cute as the photo! And just as I imagined, the nipples are fantastically shaped and I can't help but suck! I'm so glad I bought a Chinese sex doll!


Terhune Ryan

Apr 18, 2023

Chinese Sex Doll
Xiaojuan - Real Life Chinese Woman Sex Doll Review

Everything is great! Especially boobs! I want to keep rubbing it. Chinese sex dolls are softer than I expected. This is the best doll experience!



Apr 04, 2023

166cm/5ft5 Medium Boobs Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaoyang - Beautiful Realistic Chinese Sex Doll Review

Skin feels soft. The shape of the Chinese sex doll imitates the body shape of the female body. The grip is just right, and the elastic texture is comfortable to hold in the hand, and it is very comfortable to use.


E. McDade Loretta

Apr 03, 2023

170cm Medium Tits Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaoyun - Artificial Mouth Chinese Adult Female Sex Dolls Review

A truly satisfying Chinese sex doll. The texture and appearance will become human-like, what clothes I want to wear, and play various games.


Dall Nicolai

Jan 31, 2023

Small Tits Chinese Sex Doll
Xiaojun - Cute And Charming Chinese Girl Sex Doll Review

The overall shape and feel of the chest is great. This is the most satisfying one among the Chinese sex dolls I have purchased so far.


Liu Yinxuan

Jan 14, 2023

Medium Boobs Chinese Sex Doll
Cecelia - Chinese Kung Fu Girls Sex Doll Review

There will be a surprise as soon as you open it! As can be seen from the photos, this is a very beautiful Chinese sex doll shape. My skin feels amazingly soft, almost odorless, and smooth to the touch. satisfy.


Danley Jack

Dec 22, 2022

172cm Big Ass Sex Doll Review
Xiaobin - Big Ass Chinese Female Silicone Sex Dolls

This is my first big ass sex doll, but it's the best. It is something that can be created in the pursuit of realism.


Morales Eduardo

Dec 01, 2021

Medium Tits Chinese Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaohui - Innocent Chinese Face Sex Doll Review

Because other people are not there for you. You can't always hang around for your own convenience. If you do this to another person, it constitutes harassment and abuse. -- The doll I bought is lying on the bed. You should wash your hair and body once. When it's in the same condition as it was received, it's dusty.


Lakin Christopher

Dec 01, 2021

Medium Tits Chinese Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaoling - Chinese Girl Sex Dolls Review

arrived safely. I'm a little apprehensive as this is my first doll, but I appreciate your kind response. It's cuter and softer than I imagined. The rubber bands are also not offensive.


Gound Shivendra

Nov 26, 2021

Huge Boobs Chinese Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaozi - Lifelike Chinese Sex Doll Review

The packaging is very strong, there is no deformation, no dirt, no damage, rest assured, the delivery is clean and neat, and the style is really good! The boobs are plump and soft and irresistible!


Ivanov Kristian

Nov 15, 2022

Medium Boobs Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaoen - Realistic Chinese Girl Silicone Sex Dolls Review

Shape, weight, shape are ideal! I don't think it's possible to achieve such a good balance.


Rumley David

Sep 11 , 2022

Reviews on Asian Sex Doll Harue
Harue Asian Fashion Female Sex Dolls Review

This is the first time I've purchased such a realistic sex doll. I am very happy with the lovely face and higher quality than I expected. You can enjoy it by using it for viewing purposes.



Sep 10 , 2022

Reviews on Chinese Sex Doll Xiaofeng
Xiaofeng Pretty Chinese Female Sex Doll Review

It's as cute as the photo. It's so cute and fills my day. Thank you very much for your kindness as the box is sturdy.


Malik Farhan

Sep 04 , 2022

Reviews on Chinese Sex Doll Xiaodan
Xiaodan Beautiful Chinese Bride Sex Doll Review

Thank you for your wonderful doll. I'm amazed how realistic it looks. The body has good reproducibility, and you can enjoy various alignments, so you won't get bored, and it feels good to be inserted correctly. I will use it if I have the chance.


Kott Josh

Aug 31 , 2022

Giant Boobs Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaobing DL Giant Boobs Beautiful Chinese Face Sex Dolls Review

This is my impression after using it for a week, the texture of the skin, pussy, breast, like a woman's body. I hold it with excitement every day. It's a bit difficult to clean, I can't stand it, ejaculate every time, but if you use the strongest shower it's beautiful.


Kott Josh

Aug 31 , 2022

Giant Tits Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaolu Giant Tits DL Chinese Female Elite Sex Doll Review

Very stable, easy to use, and comfortable to touch. I like to rub.


Kott Josh

Aug 30 , 2022

Large Boobs Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaoxiang Large Boobs DL Sweet Chinese Girl Sex Doll Review

As soon as it arrived, my son screamed with excitement (laughs). I was very happy at the time. You can play all kinds of games! happy.


Kott Josh

Aug 29 , 2022

Large Breast Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaodong Large Breast DL Chinese Skinny Girl Sex Doll Review

It's cute and I love it. It looks very realistic and exciting, and it feels good to be in close contact with the penis. Especially the moment you put it in, it feels amazing!


Kott Josh

Aug 29 , 2022

Huge Boobs Pretty Sex Doll Review
Xiaoting DL Huge Boobs Cute Chinese Pretty Sex Doll Review

A beautiful woman with a model body. Visuals and proportions are great. It's fluffy like a marshmallow, has a nice texture on the skin, and feels the best.


Kott Josh

Aug 27 , 2022

Giant Tits Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaotong Giant Tits DL Common Chinese Female Sex Doll Review

I'm tall and skinny so I look like a model. Her face is lovely and her breasts are beautiful! Beautiful breasts, beautiful buttocks, beautiful skin.


Kott Josh

Aug 26 , 2022

Huge Breast Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaoying DL Lifelike Huge Breast Chinese Sex Dolls Review

She is slim and very cute. The shape, size, color and elasticity of the breasts are also great. The touch is gentle and makes me feel full. Recommended for those who like soft touch.


Kott Josh

Aug 26 , 2022

Medium Sized Breasts Chinese Sex Doll Review
Xiaofang Medium Tits DL Skinny Chinese Sweet Girl Sex Doll Review

I love it so much! The inside is tight, the breasts are soft, the best product! It has a soft texture and no noticeable smell.