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Yearn Doll Reviews from Real Customers

Yearn is a sex doll brand mainly based on silicone sex dolls. Yearn dolls are made of high-quality silicone materials and can be customized with a variety of advanced functions. They have been loved by users since they were launched. If you're looking for a premium silicone sex doll, the Yearn sex doll is a great choice.


Balausky Jon

May 27, 2024

Hot Real Doll
Hamad - Yearn 2024 Hot Sexdoll Review

The life size sex doll is pretty much as described, but a little bigger than I thought it would be. Really good quality, soft material, easy to clean. It has quickly become one of my favorite toys.


Giri Pradeepta kishore

Apr 15, 2024

Realistic Japanese Adult Doll
Taki - Yearn Busty Realistic Japanese Love Dolls Review

This Japanese sex doll is a bit heavy, but if you want some form of realism, what else can you expect. There was nothing wrong with her at all. It is not difficult to move the joints and the limbs are well proportioned. There's really no problem. This store does a great job.


tran duy

Feb 04, 2024

Sexdolls for Men
Davontae - Yearn Female Sexdolls Review

It comes in its own airtight box, which is how I like to store it. Love this female sex doll! It feels great in my hand and feels great everywhere else.


Rivera Mike

Aug 24, 2023

155cm/5ft1 Most Realistic Sex Doll
Walton - The Most 2023 Realistic Sex Dolls Review

Walton is so precious. Photos make most realistic sex dolls look like they have more hips and thighs. But in fact, it's not. She is slim with a small butt, so to speak, she moves easily compared to some of my other girls. She is the perfect addition to my adorable little family. She was also very tight, but yielding. She behaves well but remains comfortable.


Keyes Andrew

Jul 27, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Raquel - Realistic Artificial Mouth Sex Silicon Dolls Review

As far as experience goes, artificial mouth sex dolls are definitely more realistic than the smaller options. I also like that the larger affirmations feel more like the real thing. I'd also recommend throwing some dollars at a heating rod, it's easier to heat up the inside than soaking it in lukewarm water (more true when heated).


Ewy Derrick

Jul 26, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Whitney - Artificial Mouth Euro Girl Sex Dolls for Men Review

I love this artificial mouth sex doll, which comes in discreet (but heavy) packaging. It does have a little rubbery smell at first, but that goes away after a wash. It feels great and I really enjoy the weight. Needs to be kept clean as it can get dirty easily if left on a dark surface. I recommend lightly dusting with some cornstarch or something like that after each wash. Makes it much less sticky and less likely to pick up dirt and stuff. All in all, a great product if you're willing to maintain it.


Szydlowski Marek

Jul 26, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Zola - Artificial Mouth Naked Female Sex Doll Review

This stuff is very good. If you adjust the artificial mouth sex doll to the height that suits you, it feels great. For the sex drive you will love this, it comes ready to use, put the lube in the hole and go. Very worth buying. I think it feels pretty close to the real deal. It feels good to hold the hips from behind, and the sound is very close to the real thing. For those who like to rub hard and deeply during orgasm, use a little fermnes deep inside


Lynch Elijah

Jul 25, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Raya - Artificial Mouth Silicone Woman Sex Dolls Review

Cleaning is quick and easy, the only difficulty is that it is difficult to move due to the size and weight. Despite the weight, the endoskeleton still allows you to manipulate the artificial mouth sex doll more easily than a hip without an endoskeleton. I highly recommend buying this product for the internals only. It makes it more versatile to use.


Chartier Tyler

Jul 25, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Veda - Artificial Mouth Naked Girl Sex Dolls Review

The artificial mouth sex doll is very soft, but still strong enough, like a toned body. The overall presentation of the buttocks is excellent. All the curves around the front door are anatomically true - nothing is out of place.


Krishan sidhu

Jul 21, 2023

E-cup Silicone Sex Doll
Clarissa - Realistic Sexy Silicone Sex Dolls Review

This is a great silicone sex doll. I bought it just for the sex, but once I got in I realized it was going to be my new favorite. It's really a soft and real feeling. A huge bonus is that the two holes have different textures. It's also heavy enough to sit on a desk, hands-free.


Lin Qihang

Jul 15, 2023

Premium Female Sex Doll
Denver - Silicone Lesbian Sex Doll Reviwe

100% satisfied with this toy. Very fast shipping and discreet packaging. Once you open the box, you can tell that the female sex doll is made of high-quality and durable materials. It's also very detailed and looks exactly like the pictures. This is sure to get the job done and make you feel great! Would definitely recommend!


Esposito Paul

Jul 15, 2023

Realistic Torso Sex Doll
Leanna - 3d Silicone Torso Sex Doll Ass Reviwe

I love the feel of the torso sex doll on the outside and inside, it's fun to use and easy to clean. You should buy it, it's worth it.


Marszalek Cezary

Jul 11, 2023

Life Size Silicone Sex Doll
Ellison - Brown Skin Female Silicone Sex Doll Reviwe

The silicone sex doll itself feels so good that anyone can enjoy it. The built-in spine also contributes to rigidity!


Jackson Todd

Jul 11, 2023

High Quality Most Realistic Sex Doll
Judith - Realistic Busty Silicone Sex Dolls Reviwe

So much fun , love this most realistic sex dolls .. tight comfortable holes



Jul 10, 2023

Real Life Asian Sex Doll
Rieko - Full Size Asian Bride Sex Dolls Reviwe

I love this asian sex doll, it feels real, solid, it comes with a moisturizing stick that helps keep the inside clean I can't wait to use it again and again 8/10 Definitely recommend!