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Reviews of XT Silicone Sex Dolls

If XT Doll offers a highly customizable doll that allows buyers to choose various features such as appearance, body shape, hairstyle, etc., this personalization feature may be the reason why some people choose to purchase it. Some buyers may seek dolls as social substitutes or emotional support. The presence of a doll may provide a level of companionship that meets the social and emotional needs of some people.


Neumann Rudolf Dieter

May 27, 2024

Small Tits Nude Doll
Carey - XT Lifelike Small Tits Sexdolls Review

I was amazed at how realistic this small breast sex doll is. It's amazing! This is a great product, super soft, very flexible, and feels amazing. 100% recommend buying it!


Rosley Amin

May 16, 2024

Subcutaneous Heated Love Doll
Southey - XT High End Subcutaneous Heated Sex Dolls Review

This heated sex doll met my expectations and even exceeded some. A little heavier than I expected. The internal frame can be felt when doing more aggressive activities. Overall, well worth the investment. The internal specs were also what I expected.


Mulani Sahil

Apr 29, 2024

Blow Job Love Doll
Natalie - XT Blow Job Sex Dolls Review

If you're on the fence, buy this blowjob sex doll! Not only did she get the job done, but it felt so much like the real thing! Be sure to grab some warmth and some lube with her, lock the door and let the good times roll! Shipping is super fast too!


Larsen Benjamin

Apr 20, 2024

Super Realistic Real Doll
Melanie - XT Super Realistic Sexdolls Review

Hyper-realistic sex dolls have a bit of weight to them, but if you want some form of realism, what do you expect? There's nothing wrong with her at all. The joints are not difficult to move and the joints on each limb are very even. Really can't fault them. well done.


Neelammanavar Gangadhar

Apr 12, 2024

Subcutaneous Heating Love Doll
Flora - XT Realistic Subcutaneous Heating Sex Dolls Review

This heated sex doll is better than similar hitters because it weighs more. It's nice to switch between the two deep tunnels as they have different textures and tightness.


Snache Kelly

Apr 11, 2024

Moaning Real Doll
Lisa - XT Advanced Moaning Sexdolls Review

The material is nice and easy to clean. In addition to being the perfect size, the moaning sex doll also looks great visually, with beautiful details and colors. All in all, a good male sex toy, but I have looked at some larger dolls/strokers in this store and I will add the user experience of the new toy later to let you choose one with a better price/performance ratio.


Kidney Bob

Mar 23, 2024

Oral Real Doll
Lisa - XT Realistic Oral Sexdolls Review

Customers love the comfort, weight and quality of the sexual stimulation devices. For example, they mention that artificial mouth sex dolls offer a unique feel and experience, are heavy-weight, and are light enough to be operated in any position.



Mar 12, 2024

Saggy Tits Love Doll
Natalie - XT Sexy Mature Saggy Tits Sex Dolls Review

Awesome, lifelike, my first cheap sex doll...I have two now, but let me tell you...you better be a strong man to handle this haha. Good quality, just hard to handle



Mar 08, 2024

ROS Real Doll
Phoebe - XT Most Realistic ROS Sexdolls Review

To clean it... I would just take mild hand soap and water and scrub the inside of the artificial mouth sex doll with my fingers, using a drying stick and some heavy duty napkins stuck inside to make it quicker to try.


Tsuchiyama Mitsuteru

Feb 18, 2024

Korean Real Doll
Xueer - XT Life Size Korean Sexdoll Review

This looks incredible! The details are quite impressive. Not to mention how easy it is to clean. Of course, what you're probably most interested in knowing is that Korean sex dolls feel amazing. As close to the real thing as possible!


Simmons Kelsey

Feb 17, 2024

Most Lifelike Love Doll
Cynthia - XT Most Lifelike Sex Dolls Review

After receiving the item, my wife immediately wanted to see me use the most realistic sex doll. She loves it. Me too. Thanks. The material is soft and easy to keep clean, and it fits a variety of sizes for travel.


Sen Nimai

Feb 13, 2024

Realistic Sex Dolls with Realistic Oral Structure
Cynthia - XT Realistic Oral Structure Sex Dolls Review

It’s super fun to use and well worth the money! If you’re on the fence about buying one, I totally recommend an artificial mouth sex doll and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


Pirtle Daniel

Jun 10, 2024

Sexy Female Sheriff Sex Dolls Cosplay
Hannah - XT Cosplay Female Sheriff Sex Dolls Review

I tried powder and mineral oil and it worked. Smells great along with mineral oil. Regardless, for the price you can get, this is a good cosplay sex doll.


Evans Eugeny

Dec 18, 2023

Gynoid Sex Doll
Isabella - Mature Gynoid Sex Dolls Review

This female sex doll is amazing! I've used other more expensive toys that really serve this purpose. You can never replace the real thing. But it's really close, especially if you're warm, and it feels super realistic. Nice booty to slap on it too!


Donahue Daniel

Dec 14, 2023

Huge Boobies Naked Sex Doll
Miriam - Huge Boobies Naked Adult Sex Dolls Review

Being the first to use a big breasted sex doll of this type for the first time was an incredibly pleasurable experience. It felt soft, velvety, inviting, not exactly like life, but very warm.