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Premium Asian Sex Doll Review List

Many friends who have been to Asia know that Asian women are very fond of white men. Although women in their country are very conservative about sex, after being educated in sex by white men, they can also be very crazy about sex. These Asian sex doll will give you the same feeling, they are sure to give you a great sex experience with their flawless bodies.


Hosick Corey

Apr 23, 2024

Asian Sexy Doll
Amida - DL Sexy Asian Sex Dolls Review

The inside of both holes feels great, sometimes as good as the real thing. What I love most is the weight that Asian sex doll can put in there and not only be pushed around but also pushed in which makes it even better.


Bisel Joseph

Apr 15, 2024

Beautiful Asian Adult Doll
Sakura - SY Busty Beautiful Asian Sex Doll Review

This is a great value for money Asian sex doll. Both holes have a unique feel. They're both tight and feel great. Cleanup is very easy, just rinse with soapy water, dry and ready for next use.


Sri Harsha

Mar 08, 2024

Asian Adult Doll
Xue - Starpery Luxury Asian Real Dolls Review

The channels are all great, and each channel on the Asian sex doll offers a unique feel and experience that is far superior to any other fashion toy in this price range. Awesome, I'm very happy with this purchase. When I opened the box I was impressed and everything after that was just as good, if not better. You can't go wrong with this kind of value and quality.


Singh Jaspal

Feb 12, 2024

Busty Maid Asian Sexdolls
Shigeko - DL Busty Maid Asian Sexdolls Review

Beautifully handled, with a real tactile experience, the Asian sex doll is just like a real person.


Kim Hong-ki

Jun 06, 2024

Full Size Asian Adult Sexdoll
Masuyo - Galaxy Full Size Asian Adult Sexdoll Review

Even though this Asian sex doll is huge, the holes in the front are normal size. Must be held when in use, no need to hold unless facing upwards. Can use one hand.


Ergin Ibrahim

Dec 13, 2023

Life Size Asian Doll
Anne - Life Size Silicone Asian Dolls Review

I absolutely love this Asian sex doll. It feels very good and on par with the real thing. The skin feels very soft and elastic, close to real skin. Super easy to clean, took me about 5 minutes total to clean.


Maghakian Warkes

Nov 29, 2023

Asian Sex Doll
Seiren - Realistic Full Silicone Asian Sex Dolls Review

Being a first time user of this type of Asian sex doll was an incredibly pleasurable experience. It felt soft, velvety, inviting, not exactly like life, but very warm.



Nov 16, 2023

Asia Sex Dolls
Nisbett - Busty Asia Sex Dolls Review

Definitely a great purchase. Was a little skeptical at first but this is 10 out of 10. Definitely recommend the Elf sex doll to any man looking for personal pleasure and quality of life.


Hoeper Brody

Nov 15, 2023

Silicone Asian Adult Sex Doll
Sadashi - Full Silicone Asian Adult Sex Dolls Review

Definitely a great purchase. Was a little skeptical at first but this is 10 out of 10. Definitely recommend the Elf sex doll to any man looking for personal pleasure and quality of life.



Nov 06, 2023

Asian Sex Doll
Skyler.B - SE Busty Asian Girl Sex Dolls Review

Skeptical at first, once it arrived, the weight and appearance were very appealing. It feels great. The only drawback I think about Asian sex doll is that they are too heavy. It takes a lot of energy to move every time, but I still recommend this. For price and quality.


Porter Kevin

Aug 04, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Miya - Life Size Asian Female Sex Dolls Review

The textures are very realistic. Very easy to clean. I wasn't expecting this many when I read the reviews, but I was very surprised. I would definitely recommend this Asian sex doll to anyone who just wants to enjoy a little alone time or even spend it with a partner.



Jul 10, 2023

Real Life Asian Sex Doll
Rieko - Full Size Asian Bride Sex Dolls Reviwe

I love this asian sex doll, it feels real, solid, it comes with a moisturizing stick that helps keep the inside clean I can't wait to use it again and again 8/10 Definitely recommend!


Castillo Gabriel

Apr 22, 2023

Asian Sex Doll
Takako - Realistic South Asian Girls Sex Doll Review

Asian sex dolls look more erotic than I thought and I love it! Just place it and press it, the shape is quite realistic! It feels like the real thing, but it is different from the actual performance, so I can't get tired of listening to it, and it feels good.


Aberdeen Melikor

Apr 18, 2023

Asian Sex Doll
Wakana - Realistic Busty Asian Sex Doll Review

So soft you can touch Asian sex dolls all the time. I am very satisfied with the texture that makes people want to put their hands on it and rub it down. Recommended!


Renström Mikael

Apr 12, 2023

Asian Sex Doll
Tami - Asian Silicone Sex Doll Review

First of all, Asian sex dolls are soft! Hands being sucked feel like real girls breasts.


Webb Kevin

Apr 20, 2023

Asian Sex Doll
Wakumi - Realistic Sexy Asian Female Silicone Sex Dolls Review

First of all, Asian sex dolls are solid in size and are the best, with the best texture! There is no problem with the comfort of use. It seems to be a benefit for single middle-aged men!


Daak Jeff

Apr 12, 2023

Asian Sex Doll Review
Taree - Sweet Short Hair Asian Girl Sex Dolls Review

The pictures of Asian sex dolls are very real, and the real ones are even cuter when you buy them! No complaints, such as molding. The face is also made with great care, and the eyes are moist and beautiful.


Fortner William

Mar 27, 2023

Asian Sex Doll
Laurel - Realistci Asian Beauty Sex Dolls Review

This Asian sex doll is very comfortable to use. The breasts are bouncy and soft, the vagina feels good, and the anus feels good too. no problem! it's a good choice


Cass James

Mar 05, 2023

Asian Sex Doll Review
Rika - Real Life Asian Adult Sex Dolls Review

The appearance and skin restoration of my Asian sex doll are wonderful. The soft TPE material is uneven and feels like real leather, very realistic. Much better than I expected.


Khalezov Dmitrii

Dec 29, 2022

F Cup Asian Sex Doll Review
Jona - Sexy Big Tits Asian Sex Doll Review

From the appearance and temperament point of view is very good. The Asian sex dolls themselves are pretty good too. It would be even better if the clothes were sold separately.


Mosunic Neil

Dec 22, 2022

172cm Big Ass Sex Doll Review
Ima - Sexy Big Ass Asian Silicone Sex Dolls

The fat butt was more than I expected and very comfortable to the touch. I will definitely love this big ass sex doll.


singh Amit

Dec 02, 2022

Medium Breasts Asian Realistic Sex Dolls Review
Hisa - Busty Skinny Asian Sex Dolls Review

The touch is very soft and comfortable. It's nice to have boobs and butts. Your face is so cute! I think it's more than just a photo. satisfy!


Kumar Umesh

Dec 01, 2021

Medium Breasts Asian Realistic Sex Dolls Review
Kuromiya - Busty Realistic Girl Sex Dolls Review

This is my first time buying a doll. Intellectually I knew it was a TPE doll, but my gut was ecstatic. That's why it's been so helpful in alleviating my instinctive pain. It's hard to get rid of it no matter how many pills, videos, or diets, so I'm glad I took the risk and bought it. Perhaps, from the perspective of psychological stability, a doll that is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender, would be better.


Oliveira Alison

Dec 01, 2021

Medium Sized Breasts Asian Sexy Sex Doll Review
Kurokawa - Sexy Adult Sex Doll Review

Even if you're not a beginner, your questions will be properly explained so you can shop with confidence. It feels like a very trustworthy store.


Smith Edee

Dec 01, 2021

Huge Boobs Asian Busty Sex Doll Review
Anzai - Lifelike Busty Girl Sex Dolls Review

Wow the moment you open it! ! So cute I can't stand it. The breasts are very soft and have real friction like the real thing. I think the feeling of breast subcutaneous fat is well expressed. Although the buttocks and thighs were not as soft as the breasts, they were still comparable to the softness of ordinary girls.


Collins Jonathan

Nov 30, 2021

Giant Boobs Asian Female Sex Doll Review
Takaki - Cute Female Sex Dolls Review

The real thing is even cuter than I imagined, so I thought I'd photograph it and take care of it like my beloved daughter.


Smith Michael

Nov 29, 2021

Large Breast Asian Asian Sex Doll Review
Miura - Long Hair Asian Sexy Sex Doll Review

The details of the girl are very realistic. It's cute because you can feel the belly creases when you flex your belly. It has weight and is comfortable to hold when you put it on. But it's cold to hold in the cold season. Perhaps the skeleton inside was loose, but only the neck and right leg were free to move.


Spendlove Brent

Nov 29, 2021

Medium Tits Asian Little Sex Doll Review
Kanzaki - Cute Little Sex Dolls Review

She is as beautiful as the picture. It was not easy to unpack the box on the first day, thanks to you, I was too involved and my back hurt.


Bisel Joseph

Nov 28, 2021

Adult Chest Asian Girl Sex Doll Review
Yoshita - Redhead Girl Sex Doll Review

The moment I received it, it was so heavy! I think! The model is sexy, her buttocks are comparable to a petite woman, and her happiness is MAX.


Wentworth Stephen

Nov 28, 2021

Medium Breasts Asian BBW Sex Doll Review
Sakurai - Asian BBW Sex Dolls Review

I think it's a great value for the price and this kind of realism. I also recommend it to people who are lost.


VuolPrettyaho Niko

Nov 24, 2021

Small Boobs Asian Mini Sex Doll Review
Yuu - Adult Breasted Mini Sex Doll Review

This is my first love doll purchase. Haven't used it yet, but it's so good that the impression is ahead of me. All in all, a good buy.


McGill Samuel

Nov 23, 2021

Medium Breasts Asian Mini Sex Doll Review
Hiromi - Asian Busty Small Sex Doll Review

Faithful reproduction of parts, exquisite use of color. And the feel and quality are the best. It feels like touching the real thing.


Fussell James

Nov 23, 2021

Medium Tits Asian Mini Sex Doll Review
Meisa - Sexy Asian Girl Mini Dolls Review

Satisfied Daughter made no mistakes in specifying the detailed options. Communication was fast and good.


stthomas josh

Nov 23, 2021

Medium Breasts Asian Pretty Sex Doll Review
Mako - Very Feminine Pretty Sex Doll Review

For this doll, I was really surprised when he came. It's heavy and looks like the real thing when I open it up.


Teruel Simon

Nov 23, 2021

Medium Breasts Asian Pretty Sex Doll Review
Minami - Big Eyed Asian Pretty Sex Doll Review

The styling gives the impression of being well made. Realistic and super cute! is recommended.


Ms Harish

Nov 22, 2022

Medium Tits Asian Pretty Sex Doll Review
Hoshi - Lifelike Pretty Girl Sex Dolls Review

This is the first love doll I bought, I haven't used it yet, but it is very good and I am very impressed. In short, I'm glad I bought it.


Vincent Devin

Nov 17, 2022

Medium Breasts Asian Sex Doll Review
Hinata - Luxury Silicone Asian Female Sex Dolls Review

There is no way to complain about the styling and makeup. The hardness of the joints is particular, neither hard nor soft, and the pose is easy.


cota Joe

Nov 14, 2022

Medium Sized Breasts Asian Sex Doll Review
Hayami - Asian Silicone Sex Doll with Movable Jaw Review

The nude proportions are beautiful, and it is a particularly good beauty system. The uniform looks good on you. It was an expensive purchase, but I am very satisfied.



Nov 10, 2022

Huge Tits Big Breast Sex Doll Review
Hatsumomo - Silicone Big Tits Asian Female Sex Doll Review

The texture of the adult's skin is reproduced, and it looks like the real thing at first glance! Overall I am happy with this purchase and think it is a good product.



Oct 24, 2022

Asian Sex Doll Review
Doi - Lifelike South Asian Sex Dolls Review

I think it's a good workout for those who don't have the strength to get tired. I like softness and light weight. Products that fill in the gaps.


Garanayak Chandramani

Oct 11 , 2022

Reviews on Asian Sex Doll Haruko
Haruko - Asian Short Hair Love Doll Review

This is an amazing product. I used a doll, but when I bought it, it was better than expected. Soft and realistic texture. There are 3 holes, the front is loose and the back is tight, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Lotion is a must. Best product I've tried so far.


Ghanshyam Dabhi

Oct 03 , 2022

Reviews on Lesbian Sex Doll Hatsu
Hatsu - Asian Lesbian Love Doll Review

It's as cute as the photo. It's so cute and every day is fulfilling. Thank you very much for your kindness as the box is sturdy.


Singh Narendra

Sep 28 , 2022

Reviews on Silicone Sex Doll Haru
Haru New Silicone Sex Dolls Review

The softness of the breasts is as expected. It feels good to knead. The first night I immediately showered and powdered, but both holes were just tight and the best. The body is huge, so for better or worse, it's heavy. Be careful not to hurt your back.


Rumley David

Sep 11 , 2022

Reviews on Asian Sex Doll Harue
Harue Asian Fashion Female Sex Dolls Review

This is the first time I've purchased such a realistic sex doll. I am very happy with the lovely face and higher quality than I expected. You can enjoy it by using it for viewing purposes.



Sep 10 , 2022

Reviews on Chinese Sex Doll Xiaofeng
Xiaofeng Pretty Chinese Female Sex Doll Review

It's as cute as the photo. It's so cute and fills my day. Thank you very much for your kindness as the box is sturdy.


de Moura Cleiton

Sep 02 , 2022

Reviews on Big Breast Sex Doll Ayako
Ayako Realistic Skinny Huge Boobs Sex Dolls Review

I was really excited because it felt like I was holding down my waist and shoulders in front, back, left and right at my actual size, so I could feel I was really doing it. I was even more excited when I saw her in her clothes and underwear. I'm enjoying a feeling I've never tasted before.


Kott Josh

Sep 02 , 2022

Medium Tits Pretty Sex Doll Review
Ayano Medium Tits DL Sweet Asian Pretty Sex Dolls Review

As a candid impression...this is the best! It's a beautiful line from both the front and the back. I am happy with the tightening of my breasts and vagina. feels good.


Kott Josh

Aug 30 , 2022

Small Breast Asian Sex Doll Review
Bashira Small Breast DL Skinny Asian Sex Doll Review

Item has arrived. The texture of the skin, the reproducibility of holes, the softness of the chest, etc., are all close to the real thing. I used it right away, but I was so excited I was leaving soon. I think the softness and texture are perfect.


Kott Josh

Aug 26 , 2022

Giant Breast Asian Sex Doll Review
Cho Giant Breast DL Sexy Asian Female Sex Doll Review

very beautiful! The body feels solid and heavy, so it doesn't look cheap.


Kott Josh

Aug 26 , 2022

Medium Tits Asian Sex Doll Review
Chuya DL Medium Tits Sexy Asian Slim Sex Dolls Review

Breasts are ideal and the best. Great fit and exciting look. All in all, worth buying.