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Reviews on Piper Sex Dolls

Piper Doll is a high-quality sex doll brand with the development concept of "the most perfect doll". Seamless head, no border between head and body. Accessories such as uniquely designed wigs and clothing fit the doll perfectly. This time, we realized the industry's first "head-body integration". This is a historic moment when Piper dolls get closer to humans. Even when looking up at the face from below, the seam from the neck to the head cannot be seen.


Spendlove Brent

Apr 17, 2024

Realistic Size Love Doll
Akira - Piper Big Tits Realistic Size Sex Dolls Review

It's so real and it feels amazing. Definitely a keeper. A life-size sex doll is pretty big for a batter, but we're worth it. Definitely a "load".


Joy Das

Apr 17, 2024

Bunny Teeth Girl Love Doll
Ariel - Piper Naked Bunny Teeth Girl Sex Dolls Review

Buy a cheaper life-size sex doll to try before investing a lot of money. The doll is awesome! And the connection with this store is also great! They will do their best to help and answer your questions.


Eberhardt Albert

Apr 16, 2024

Jessica Rabbit Real Doll
Jessica - Piper Sexy Jessica Rabbit Sexdolls Review

It's heavy weight, feels great in the hand, very stretchy and soft. The inside of the anime sex doll is very realistic, with friction and burns, I really like it.


Van Nelson Alex

Dec 04, 2023

Silicone Sex Doll
Jessica - Silicone Barbie Sex Dolls Review

From discreet packaging to natural texture, this silicone sex doll is a must-have. Perfect for you to enjoy this toy slowly and easily. The two entrance holes feel great, but the texture of each hole is different and exciting. Vibration patterns add a whole new level of fun and pleasure.


Martin Adam

Jul 28, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Egypt - New Arrival Girl Sex Doll 2023 Review

Great new sex doll! Perfect size. Just what my husband and I were looking for. The price is also very favorable!


Jamito Jennard

Jul 27, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Shika - Full Silicone Japanese Woman Sex Dolls Review

Silicone sex dolls are a bit heavy, but perfect in every way. That's all I can say, as it's a pity to no longer be able to post pictures.



Jul 15, 2023

Lifelike Silicone Sex Doll
Braylee - Most Realistic Silicone Sex Dolls Reviwe

Product is as described. Silicone sex dolls are heavy and a joy to use. It has two holes that feel different, but both are very good. It also comes with a device for cleaning up after use.


Brigman Joseph

Jul 14, 2023

Full Size Torso Sex Doll
Kiana - Silicone Sex Torso Dolls Reviwe

This torso sex doll is awesome gggg! ! Hold on tight to my dick, it has the best texture inside!


Tóth Csaba

Jun 13, 2023

Torso Sex Doll
Raina - Sex Doll Torso with Head Review

The real feel is amazing! When holding a torso sex doll, it feels like holding a girl, and I can feel the sense of immorality that ordinary dolls cannot experience, so it is recommended.


micklin david

Jun 12, 2023

Most Realistic Sex Doll
Vienna - Most Realistic Sex Toy Review

I highly recommend most realistic sex doll as it is well made and I am glad the price is not that high.


Wood Steven

Jun 12, 2023

Pornstar Sex Doll
Alianna - Life Size Pornstar Sex Toys Review

Touching a pornstar sex doll feels great, it's soft, it feels good, it's heavy, I'm excited. !