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Realistic Black Sex Doll Review List

Their skin is like that of African women, with three-dimensional facial features, delicate faces, and a unique temperament in their eyes. The skin is dark and radiant, and the skin feels soft and realistic. These black sex dolls are the best girlfriends for black brothers, if you like them, please take them home.


Cots JoE

May 06, 2024

African American Love Doll
Ramzi - Orange in African American Sex Doll Review

This is the cheapest and largest I could find. The black sex doll allowed me to build up my strength and get some exercise, which was exactly what I was hoping for.


Sandell Scott

Feb 09, 2024

Premium Dark Skin Ebony Sex Dolls
Blayden - Irontech Premium Dark Skin Ebony Sex Dolls Review

The black sex doll looks like it has 3 channels and the skin feels soft to the touch, just like the description. Highly recommend this product!


Nguyen Thanh Dat

Dec 17, 2023

Ebony Adult Models Sex Doll
Sunniva - Sexy Ebony Adult Models Sex Dolls Review

The realistic design of this black sex doll is truly impressive. 3D soft butt, vaginal and anal openings provide a realistic and immersive experience.


máté istván

Dec 17, 2023

Ebony Sexdoll
Takiyah - Sexy Adult Ebony Sexdolls Review

The texture of the material is incredibly realistic and pleasantly fleshy, enhancing the overall pleasure. Whether you choose to indulge in vaginal or anal play, you won’t be disappointed with the authentic sensations this black sex doll offers.


Brennan Vince

Dec 16, 2023

Best Black Sexdolls
Takiyah - Best Busty Black Sexdolls Review

Great toy. Good value for money. Easy to clean. This black sex doll is well worth the purchase. Very easy to clean. I love these two holes. It feels authentic and is fun to use.


McLaughlin Mark

Dec 09, 2023

Best Black Sexy Doll
Aubrey - Best Black Female Sex Dolls Review

The nude sex doll looks very nice and is a full size doll. It provides a complete sexual experience that is much better than any other toy on the market.



Nov 18, 2023

Black Silicone Sexdoll
Bright - Black Silicone Sexdolls Review

Definitely a great purchase. Was a little skeptical at first but this is 10 out of 10. Definitely recommend the Elf sex doll to any man looking for personal pleasure and quality of life.



Nov 11, 2023

Black Sex Doll
Tessa - Galaxy Big Ass Ebony Sexdolls Review

Her skin has all the little things that make her feel and look more real, but even better is the black sex doll's heart. The vagina is deep and has a real girl feel to it. Keep her in a warm bath and she'll retain a lot of heat. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that her ass had a completely different texture and had its own duct, which also felt like a real girl's ass.


Spellmon DB

Aug 08, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Whitley - Big Ass Ebonye Female Sex Dolls Review

But heavy/sturdy for its size. But black sex dolls are great and easy to use. It's not too heavy and is easy to move and position. This doll works better. And very soft.


Welsh Scott

Jul 31, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Kenia - Big Ass Sex Black Doll for Men Review

This is a very good black sex doll, the vagina and anal canal are tight enough, and the overall feel is quite close to the real thing. My only complaints are that it's a bit heavy, and finding a good entry angle isn't easy.


Hortega mIGUEL

Jun 21, 2023

Black Sex Doll
Hunter - Sexy Black Female Sex Doll Review

For starters, black sex dolls are soft almost like human skin, and the real thing is incredibly lifelike. It's so real, it's really exciting to have sex. Must buy!


Cheek Travis

Jun 18, 2023

Black Sex Doll
Kyleigh - Busty Black Adult Sex Doll Review

Satisfied for the time being, the cock feels great in it! It's so good to touch the boobs of this black sex doll. respected.


Yu Sean

Feb 15, 2023

Black Sex Doll Macy
Macy - Huge Booty Black Female Sex Doll Review

The skin is wonderful to the touch, never seen it in real life, but it looks like a real black sex doll, really good looking! Definitely recommend buying if you like cute girls!


zhang Tony

Jan 20, 2023

Medium Breasts Black Sex Doll
Zelda - Big Hair Black Sex Dolls for Sale Review

It is a black sex doll that can be visually enjoyed with a charming shape. I think now is a good time to...


Services Era

Jan 13, 2023

156cm/5ft1 Black Sex Doll
Amirah - Afro Hair Black Woman Sex Doll Review

I bought my first black sex doll. I'm surprised it's heavier than I thought, but I'm happy with the fun shape.


Smith William

Jan 13, 2023

156cm/5ft1 Black Sex Doll
Jada - Huge Boobs Ebony BBW Sex Dolls Review

I think Jada is very good. I was pleasantly surprised to find that black sex doll is much cuter than I thought.


Dalrymple John

Jan 03, 2023

K Cup Black Sex Doll Review
Jimena - Huge Boobs Black Sex Doll Review

This black sex doll has no smell and has a nice texture. The internal structure is also treated as a stimulus, which feels good.


Leveque Richard

Dec 28, 2022

H Cup Black Sex Doll Review
Adelina - Big Ass Black BBW Sex Doll Review

It heals just by looking at it, and it is soft wherever you touch it, making it look like a real woman. I'm so glad I chose this black sex doll.


broach greg

Dec 11, 2022

157cm/5ft2 Small Breast Sex Doll Review
Shiloh - Slimming Small Breast Sex Doll Review

The packaging is rigorous and luxurious. Even if it doesn't cost that much (laughs). And it's heavy! A small boobs sex doll with a shapely face, high nose bridge, beautiful eyes, even prettier than in the photos. You don't need to buy it separately to enjoy cosplay.


Rocha Zachary

Dec 09, 2022

Medium Breasts Asian Realistic Sex Dolls Review
Serena - Busty Big Ass Black BBW Sex Dolls Review

This doll looks the best! Mouth, boobs, and finally, I had sex with this flow when I couldn't stand it.


Doe Lukas

Nov 26, 2021

Medium Tits USA Black Sex Doll Review
Clara - Skinny Black Girl Sex Doll Review

I fell in love with this doll at first sight, and it has been about a month and a half now. I usually dress him up in clothes that look good and I love him.



Oct 13 , 2022

Reviews on Black Sex Doll Gracelyn
Gracelyn - Big Butt Black Love Doll Review

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the realistic look. When I tried to put my finger in, it was quite complex in shape and it gave me just the right amount of stimulation. The skeleton is also solid, so it can be used in a variety of positions.


Nayak Narendra Nath

Oct 07 , 2022

Reviews on Black Sex Doll Jaden
Jaden - Black Male Love Dolls Review

The actual effect is the same as the picture advertised. Heavy but nice. It's a bit heavy, but I'm 160cm/5ft3 tall so I still need to train.


Prakashpuri Prakashpuri

Aug 23 , 2022

Medium Sized Breasts Black Sex Doll Review
Vanessa Medium Sized Breasts 175cm/5ft9 Afro Hair Black Sex Dolls Review

I am very impressed with the texture of the skin. soft. Low price and quality. The softness of the breasts is also different from other brands.


Hwang Geff

Aug 09 , 2022

Review of Black Sex Doll Alyssa
Alyssa Huge Boobs 160cm/5ft3 Realistic Black BBW Sex Dolls Review

The look of this love doll is very cute. Skin tones are also very realistic. I was a little skeptical because it had good reviews, but after I bought it, I realized it wasn't a lie. There's a small pimple in there, and it feels pretty good. I am very satisfied.


Hoeper Brody

Jul 28 , 2022

BBW Black Sex Doll Commentary
Valeria G-cup 158cm/5ft2 Big Ass black Sex Doll Review

Seriously conscientious price! There is also a sense of weight like the real thing. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, so no problem.


Hoeper Brody

Jul 28 , 2022

Black Female Sex Doll Review
Norah #48 Head G-cup Black TPE Sex Doll Review

As an impression of the product, the face is as cute as the photo in the product description. From now on, I want to take care of you every day.