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Reviews of Realistic European Female Sex Dolls

Featuring sexy figures, soft white skin and stunning European features, these lifelike European sex doll are beautiful blondes, shapely beauties, slender brown-haired Prettys or classic country girls. They will be your sexual partners in this life if you are willing to take her home.


Fathima Fathima

May 11, 2024

European Princess Love Doll
Panagiotis - FU Busty European Princess Sex Dolls Review

Very realistic. The European sex doll is a little heavy but you get used to the weight. Super realistic and feels like the real thing. Overall, worth the purchase. She will definitely help you get through those long, lonely nights.


mcallister George

Feb 27, 2024

European Real Doll
Mary - Normon Realistic European Sexdolls Review

Because European sex dolls do tend to be a bit heavy, but that’s real. But when you oil the tunnel hole, it feels great and real. . Great value for money!


Luster Dakievian

Jun 19, 2024

European Dame Sex Dolls
Luisa - European Dame Sex Dolls Review

The appeal of this European sex doll is the ease of cleaning. The materials used are of high quality and can be cleaned quickly and easily after each use. This not only ensures hygiene but also helps extend the life of the product.


Chisholm Ethan

Aug 17, 2023

165cm European Sex Doll
Yona - Traditional European Female Sexdolls Review

Wow! This European sex doll is so pretty and fun! I like it so far. The main disadvantage is that it is heavy to operate! It feels so real. When buying this kind of doll, I recommend that you also buy something with a hook device, which makes it easier to clean and powder.


Yang Dominate

Aug 04, 2023

G-cup American Sex Doll
Ansley - Lifelike European Silicone Sex Dolls Review

This European sex doll is the perfect companion for those cold lonely nights. The breasts (very full) are soft and lovely. The vagina area is so realistic. There is no visible clitoris (which is fine), and opening is more difficult than insertion into the glans, especially if the penis is flaccid.


Peters John

Jul 09, 2023

Lifelike European Sex Doll
Valery - Short Haired European Girl Sex Doll Reviwe

Works really well, euro sex dolls are a bit big, I'm totally comfortable with the price, and being loyal to my girlfriend, it's worth it!


murray michael

Jul 02, 2023

H Cup European Sex Doll
Belen - Realistic European Woman Sex Doll Review

This is what I chose when I was debating whether to buy a European sex doll. If you receive an item you don't know, be prepared to return it.


Edwards Jay

Jun 30, 2023

Medium Breast European Sex Doll
Annabella - Full Silicone European Girl Sex Doll Review

Better than expected! The texture is nice and more realistic than I expected. European sex dolls feel soft and elastic like human skin.


Sturgeon Dillan

Mar 04, 2023

European Sex Doll Review
Kassidy - Big Boobs European Blonde Sex Doll Review

The shape is very realistic and cute. European sex dolls feel great to the touch. The shape of the stomach is also very beautiful, and I was shocked when it arrived, just like the picture. I want to buy again.


Ramos William

Jan 02, 2023

E Cup European Sex Doll Review
Emmy - Thick Lips European Female Sex Doll Review

Very soft and feels nice to the touch. European sex dolls are so cute! Not just pictures.


Martin Joe

Dec 21, 2022

165cm Mini Sex Doll Review
Bristol - Mini Euro Silicone Sex Dolls

This mini sex doll is so cute. And I think there's going to be an increased sense of realism over there, and you'll be excited.


blasweiler arnoud

Dec 12, 2022

153cm/5ft European Sex Doll Review
Humiya - Huge Boobs European Corset Sex Doll Review

Among the women I've been through, there's a girl from Europe, and this European sex doll reminds me of something, and I don't think I've forgotten her, because it doesn't let me down.


Lol Lmao

Dec 09, 2022

166cm/5ft5 European Sex Doll Review
Hotaru - Slim Face And Big Tits European Sex Doll Review

I highly recommend it, please buy a well cared for European sex doll! The boobs are soft and comfortable to the touch! No smell, so thankfully, my face is really in shape! very cute! like very much! !


Borrego Jose

Dec 07, 2022

Medium Breasts Asian Realistic Sex Dolls Review
Marlee - Most Slim European Silicone Sex Dolls Review

It's realistic and cute, and it's great for uniforms. She is a mysterious cute girl who can change various expressions with wig clothes. I have never seen such a cute girl


Lash Richard

Nov 30, 2021

Giant Breast European Realistic Sex Dolls Review
Allison - Beautiful Big Boobs Sex Doll Review

The appearance of the box is also carefully crafted and will be sent in a cardboard box. After the product was finished, he sent me a picture of the sitting position and confirmed it. There was a correction that was different from the order so when I tried to tell him he corrected it and sent the photo again for confirmation.


Crawford Tyler

Nov 26, 2021

Busty Boobs European Beautiful Sex Dolls Review
Oona - Beautiful Female Sex Doll Review

I bought it for the first time and I love it. It feels a little too real haha! The composition is quite realistic, so you can enjoy the visual stimulation, so it is more comfortable than usual!


Ward Douglas

Nov 23, 2021

Small Tits European European Sex Doll Review
Ruby - European Pretty Girls Sex Dolls Review

Except for the chest, the feel of the hole is the same as the real thing, and the feeling of insertion is also the same as the real thing. I bought a love doll for the first time.


wildschut jerry

Nov 22, 2022

Huge Boobs Silicone Sex Doll Review
Joy - Silicone Big Tits Big Ass Sex Dolls Review

This is my first time buying a doll. In my head, I knew it was puppets and silicon, but my gut was ecstatic. That's why it's been so helpful in alleviating my instinctive pain.



Nov 06, 2022

Blonde Sex Doll Review
Dahlia - Skinny European Female Sex Doll Review

The sensuality can also be conveyed from the photos, and I was able to enjoy it very well.


Daniels Anthony

Oct 14 , 2022

Reviews on Silicone Sex Doll Evie
Evie - Milf Silicone Love Dolls Review

Oh! nice boobs! ! Jelly breasts are extra soft. This girl is going to sleep with me tonight so I think I can get a good night's sleep.


Reeves Joshua

Oct 12 , 2022

Reviews on Premium Sex Doll Madilyn
Madilyn - European Premium Love Doll Review

If you're lost, I hope you take this opportunity to get it. I was amazed at the softness of the breasts, the firmness of the hips and the elasticity of the stomach. In addition, the pleats inside are also very good, the front and rear two holes have different insertion senses, and the butthole is relatively tight, so you can enjoy it according to your own taste.


hule Saiganesh

Sep 25 , 2022

Reviews on European Sex Doll Logan
Logan European Busty Sex Dolls Review

When the product arrived, I opened it, and it turned out to be a very realistic female doll. It feels good in the hand and the insertion port is very realistic. The packaging is also very careful, and you don't have to worry about the eyes of people around you when you deliver it to your door. I should have bought it sooner rather than later.


Jakus Krunoslav

Sep 07 , 2022

Reviews on European Sex Doll Diana
Diana Big Boobs European Blonde Sex Doll Review

I think this is a very comfortable product. The body can bend freely because it contains a metal skeleton. The thighs can be bent freely and can be put into various poses. It really feels like a human being! I think the tightness is faithfully reproduced!


Kim Hong-ki

Aug 23 , 2022

Medium Breasts Blonde Sex Doll Review
Payton Medium Breasts 158cm/5ft2 Lifelike Blonde Sex Dolls Review

Thanks forever for your help. Even if it is the same head, just changing the wig can make a big difference. I am able to shop very well.



Aug 13 , 2022

Review of Realistic Sex Doll Teagan
Teagan Large Boobs 170cm/5ft7 Realistic Busty Sex Dolls Review

Before coming, I was worried about her size, but when she came I found her bust, style and balance to be great. The attractive pink areola and nipples on the breasts are a bit intriguing!


Fe Fei

Aug 09 , 2022

Review of European Sex Doll Ryleigh
Ryleigh D-cup 175cm/5ft9 Skinny European Sex Dolls Review

The frame is solid and the real feel is fantastic! Very satisfied, I like it very much.