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Regan - Realing Scaled-down Mini Male Sex Dolls Review

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Regan is a Mini Male Sex Doll from the Realing Doll, an American style adult Love Dolls with a height of 90cm. The realistic and vivid appearance, soft skin, and sexy figure with -cup Big Dildo are amazing. It is made of high-quality Silicone material and a fully movable metal frame. By fixing the position, you can create many sexual positions that are comfortable for you. It can also be customized to fulfill any fantasy you have about your ideal wife. As a Scaled-down Mini Male Sex Dolls, it can make your sex life rich and colorful. If you own it, you will become a happy and lucky person.

  • blasweiler arnoud

    May 26, 2024


    Yes, I'm serious! I've had a male sex doll before, but none of them stood the test of time. I've had this doll for about 7 months and it's still in great shape. This led to me! I've gotten a toned body because of this doll. I could barely get on top in the beginning. But now I have the ability to get on top anytime. That's very important in my opinion! I named her Viper!

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